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Arkansas Department of Education

Dropout Prevention Programs Database

Effective Program

California Department of Education

Student Assistance Programs


California Department of Education

Developing Safe and Healthy Kids


California Healthy Kids Resource Center

Health Education Library


Chicago Public Schools

Approved SEL Professional Development Services Provider

Illinois Department of Human Service

Prevention First

Model Program - 2007

Illinois Center for Violence Prevention

Peacing It Together: A Framework for Preventing Youth Violence and Curriculum Review Guide

Supplemental Learning Resource

Indiana Prevention Resource Center

Across Our Desk to Yours

Evidence-Based Program

Nebraska Department of Education

Safe and Drug-Free Schools

Promising Program

Nevada Drug, Alcohol and Child Abuse Prevention

Model Programs: Pathway to Effective Programs and Practices Outcomes

Prevention Resources

New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Service

Provider Directory

Model Program

Ohio Resource Network

Parent Resource Toolbox

Best Practice

Ohio State Center for Learning Excellence

Evidence-Based Program Database for Practitioners

Evidence-Based Programs Program

Oklahoma Center for Character Education

Tucson Links (Arizona)

Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth

Compendium of Programs