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Positive Action Easily Translates for Special Ed or Traditional Classrooms

From: Paul Brazzel, District Social Worker/Elementary School Counseling Grant Project Director, Lemon Grove School District, Lemon Grove, CA

Positive Action has been a positive influence on the children in the special education special day classrooms at Monterey Heights Elementary School. As the project director one of my duties is to monitor the success of Positive Action in classrooms; Monterey Heights has two special day classrooms to cover the different grade levels.

The teacher and classroom aid for the upper grade special day class report that students have increased respect towards one another, increased the amount of positive interactions with one another, are learning how to get along with one another and manage their own behaviors. Further, the teacher reports that the Positive Action curriculum is easily adaptable to his classroom instruction and classroom behavior management.

The teacher and classroom aid in the lower grade special education class also report positive improvements in their classroom culture. Through many parts of the day you can hear the Positive Action songs playing from their classroom. The teacher has been able to easily build Positive Action into her curriculum. Recently the students enjoyed their lesson about the whirlpool of self-deception. Two of her students that have had anger management problems have developed empathy skills and can be heard asking other students “Are you okay?”

These are two great examples of how Positive Action can be easily translated to any classroom setting whether it is a high-need special education special day class, or a traditional classroom.