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Students Work to Save Children from Slavery

A 4th grade student at Discovery Bay Elementary School in Byron, California, could teach us all a lesson about what it means to be positive. Tyler Page participates in PA lessons every day at school, where he learns that you feel good about yourself when you think and do positive actions, and there is always a positive way to do everything.

One day while watching TV, Tyler found a way to take positive action. Inspired and moved by an Oprah show that exposed parents selling their children into slavery in Ghana, Africa, he devised a plan to raise money to save those children.

Tyler knew that $240 could save one child’s life. He organized a car wash fundraiser, and along with 25 other kids and the help of parents and local businesses, he raised $1,705—enough to save seven children. The kids worked all day, only stopping for cookies and pizza. Some who had sports or other activities to go to did not want to leave, and everyone asked Tyler when the next fundraiser would be. Tyler’s positive actions united an entire community behind a common cause.

Seven children’s lives will never be the same because one group of children across the world applied the positive actions they were learning in class to real life. And what do they get for all their efforts? A good feeling about themselves—and that’s all they need! It’s also what will lead them to hold more fundraisers to save more children.

Update: Tyler has continued his fundraising efforts and, as of June 2007, he has led the charge in raising $8600—enough to save 35 children! His goal is to save $50,000 by the end of the year, which would support 200 children for an entire year. We’d like to share our admiration and appreciation for Tyler, his mother, Discovery Bay Elementary School, and the Byron community. Click here to read more about the impact of Tyler's project.