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From: Deborah Gregor, Executive Director, Youth Achievement Center, Leavenworth, Kansas

"A young man in our after-school program was traveling down a bad road, otherwise going no-where, lost in an impossible situation. His mother was having trouble, enough that he was living with his stepfather and his new girlfriend. None of that was easy or healthy. At first, the two of us went around and around. And then we began to teach the Positive Action concepts and those common sense, essential behaviors that can make a life.

Even things as basic as health or the need for studying is new to some of our kids. This young man was able to use those positive thoughts and behaviors and began to project what might happen if he continued to pursue negative behaviors.

For example, if he screamed and yelled at his family, then real communication was impossible and, further, there was likely to be trouble. He began to choose another way of communicating and to use a myriad of positive behaviors.

I'm so pleased with his progress. He is launching himself into a better life, has a new demeanor. He's more positive, happy, and engages in the work we do here. Positive Action was an essential part in that transformation."