Jul 28 2020

Blog Kick-off

Positive Action Staff -AA
Is this thing on?

Positive Action spent nearly two years preparing a new website that featured multiple new technologies. One of the new technologies we were really excited about was our new blog platform that streamlines our publishing process. Just as we were preparing our first set of posts, the pandemic started, and our workflow was interrupted as we all scrambled home. We are finally ready to kick-off our blogging in earnest.

In the coming months, we will cover support topics related to distance/virtual, blended learning, click-to-brick, and everything in between. We will also be previewing features of the upcoming Teach! app. In addition, we will cross-post industry articles that we think are important for implementation during the COVID-era. We also have a variety of exciting announcements to share in the coming months, including new music and services!

If you have a topic you would like to see us cover or would like to become a guest commentator, drop us an email at blog@positiveaction.net.


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