Jan 03 2014

Dr. Allred and Dr. Flay presenting at Character Education Conference in Oxford, England

Positive Action Staff
Dr. Carol Allred and Dr. Brian Flay were invited to present papers at the 'Can Virtue Be Measured?' Conference organized by the The Jubilee Center for Character & Values at the University of Birmingham. The Conference was held at Oriel College, Oxford from January 9-11th 2014.

In her presentation “Effects of a Social-Emotional and Character Development (SECD) program, Positive Action, on character and distal manifestations of character such as positive and negative health behaviors, emotional/mental health, and academics” Dr. Allred will describe the Positive Action program for the audience and then present a summary of the effects of the program that have been found in randomized trials in Hawai'i and Chicago.

In his presentation “Measurement of Social-Emotional and Character Development (SECD) in young children, and the mediating effects of SECD on outcomes of the Positive Action program” Dr. Flay talks about the development of the measure of a Social-Emotional and Character Development Scale (SECDS) then presents the effects of the program on this measure. He will then present results that support the theory that Positive Action has its effects on the distal manifestations of character that Dr. Allred presented through its effects on SECD.


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