Mar 30 2004

Positive Action in Uintah County

Positive Action Staff
In 2002, Uintah received the Partnerships in Character Education Program Grant and implemented the Positive Action curriculum in schools throughout the district.

In 2004, the Positive Action parenting class debuted and helped turn many at-risk families around. This is a collection of comments from Students, Instructors, Administrators, and Parents.


“Yesterday this kid wasn’t positive. He was doing negative things and I said you’re doing negative and I helped him say positive things and do positive things.”

–Joseph, Davis Elementary 2nd Grader

“The Positive Action play we have read in class has a great lesson to it. It shows how life can go through if you make or don't make the right decisions. Dr. Pos taught the kids a lesson by letting them go through things not knowing what was going to happen. The story teaches that how a person makes a decision can make a big impact on that person's life and also on the lives of the people around that person.”

–Qualey Chew, Uintah High School Junior (played Dr. Pos in Lives on the Line)

Instructors and Administrators

“I am very grateful for these lessons. They fulfill a need that so many children are lacking in the educational process today.”

–Linda Davis, Davis Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher

“This is a wonderful program, built on a good philosophy. The teachers are very enthusiastic, and we’re getting good results.”

–Dixie Allen, District Director

“We have Positive Action activities each day at the same time and place. We had a new student, a girl, come into our class and after only a few lessons she came to me last week and told me that her favorite thing at school is Positive Action. She always sits up in the front row with a big smile and bright eyes. She has a difficult home life and I’m sure the lessons are helping her there a lot.”

–Mike Karren, Naples Elementary 4th Grade Teacher

“I enjoy teaching Positive Action . It may be the most important thing the students learn that day! Students get to interact with something fun and they can see how this subject relates to their lives! Many of my students come from very challenging families and circumstances. Positive Action has the power to change their thinking and lives.”

–Nikki Sorenson, Split Mountain Detention Center

“We are learning how to keep our minds healthy and clear, to create strong bodies. One of my students who was struggling a little bit said this: ‘Aren’t we glad we’re learning to keep our minds healthy so we can do our math?’ I just love this program. We just have to have this character education every day. These behaviors have a profound impact; kids need to know that they have power to make positive choices.”

–Wendy Karren, Ashley Elementary 3rd Grade Teacher


“I never realized that I have been stuck in a never ending cycle of self-hatred. With this class I have learned how to flip out of it and be more conscience of thoughts, actions, and feelings. I hope that by continuing the lessons each member of my family will be able to recognize and change their thoughts from negative to positive. I have learned so much and thank you for making it possible for my family to participate.”

–Participant in PA Family Class

“I have noticed my son and I are more easily able to talk and be open with each other. He is trying harder in school and for most of the time at home. I feel we are closer than we have been in quite some time and communicate better with each other.”

–Participant in PA Family Clas


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