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International Licensing Offer

After various projects and proposals around-the-world, Positive Action is pleased to offer a standardized, international licensing opportunity. The license allows for qualified parties to adapt, translate and disseminate Positive Action content in a specific country. A license does not expire and there are no recurring royalty payments.

Current license holders are in various stages of adaptation and dissemination. In one instance, an educational company has developed a series of intervention workshops that are disseminated inside the regular school system.

Another non-governmental organization is working in tandem with their government counterparts on disseminating Positive Action in classrooms.

A quasi-governmental organization is considering Positive Action content as part of an effort to redevelop and rejuvenate their entire national curriculum.


The first country to license Positive Action content was the U.S.S.R. In 1987, Moscow began piloting Positive Action in its inter-city schools. After two years of dramatic results, a full license agreement was completed and dissemination efforts were accelerated. These efforts ended when the government changed. While this project is a curious footnote in history, it’s also indicative of the universality of Positive Action content.

Please note that Moscow requested this agreement. Prior to this formal licensing opportunity, Positive Action, Inc. has never directly marketed content to any specific country.


New technologies have also introduced new platforms to disseminate Positive Action content. One party is considering a longitudinal browser game based on Positive Action content. The games would increase in maturity and follow students from Pre-K to High School. Another pre-existing youth website is considering Positive Action content to augment their existing portfolio.

Other possibilities include a subscription-based content distribution network based on Positive Action content or the creation of a social networking platform based on Positive Action content.

There are endless ways to adapt Positive Action content for devices of all sizes.


With more than 30 years of development and refinement, Positive Action content has been proven to be effective across time, languages and cultures. This is a rare opportunity to create something powerful and effective for your country.

Click here to learn more about the licensing process.