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International Licensing Process

The licensing process has been standardized to maintain a fair and equitable opportunity for all interested parties. Positive Action, Inc. will not consider unsolicited offers or other proposals. Please review these guidelines carefully.


There is an application specific to the type of entity that is applying. Submitting the initial application begins the process of qualification. After the application has been initially reviewed, Positive Action, Inc. will notify the applicant of its immediate status. In some cases, additional application material may be required to prove eligibility. If an applicant becomes eligible, the legal documents and license valuation are transmitted for the applicant’s review.


Positive Action is committed to providing licensing opportunities that are appropriately valued for every country. The philosophical approach is that license valuation should be elastic, in relation to the factors that would influence the adaptation and dissemination process. Positive Action has developed a valuation formula that considers more than 20 variables, ranging from educational conditions to economic barriers. This formula produces a composite value that is used to calculate the total license value, which is based on the relative size of the student population.

Auctions and Bidding

If two or more parties have expressed interest in the same territory, an auction process is employed. The valuation is the minimum bid in an auction scenario. When an eligible party places a bid, a 90-day auction is initiated. The other interested parties are contacted and offered an opportunity to qualify and counter-bid.


Upon the conclusion of the auction, the legal documents and payment are processed. Full payment is due at the conclusion of the transaction. Positive Action, Inc. does not offer financing terms. When payment has been processed, Positive Action, Inc. then delivers an encrypted hard drive with all the digital assets, and a single hard-copy of every product.

Post Transaction

To support license holders and their efforts, Positive Action provides an online community for license holders to develop, collaborate and discuss their efforts with other license holders. Positive Action staff will be available to answer questions about the content.

To further promote and assist license holders, Positive Action provides access to the domain and url shortening service. License holders are entitled to one country specific subdomain. It may be used as the main site or to redirect traffic to another domain. Utilizing these resources can help newly formed websites gain a foothold in search engine rankings.

In addition to these efforts, Positive Action organizes a formal conference every four years, for license holders to gather and discuss their efforts. These events are hosted in Sun Valley, Idaho.

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