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International Licensing Applicant Qualifications

The qualification of applicants will depend on the type of entity that is applying. Positive Action, Inc. reserves the right to deny eligibility to any applicant it considers inappropriate for licensing.

Positive Action, Inc. also reserves the right to re-evaluate eligibility if a license holder has a substantial change in operation. In the event that a license holder is ineligible after a change in operations, the license is purchased back from the license holder at the formulated value.

There are a basic set of qualifications that apply to all applications. Any entity that has ever been associated with hate speech, racism or bigotry are not eligible. Any entity that has ever been engaged in a criminal enterprise is not eligible.


Appropriate government agencies are eligible.


Companies are eligible to apply but some industries will not qualify. For example, companies with substantial operations in alcohol and tobacco are not eligible.


Non-governmental organizations are eligible.

Quasi-governmental organizations are eligible.

Religious organizations are not eligible.

Political organizations are not eligible.


Individuals that apply to license Positive Action must justify their eligibility. Adaptation requires experts in multiple disciplines and significant financial resources. An individual can qualify if they can prove the means and ability to start-up a company or an organization.

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