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Positive Action Achieves Blueprints Model Program Designation

Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development, an initiative of the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence at the Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado Boulder, has identified Positive Action as one of 10 Model Programs that meet its highest scientific standard of effectiveness.

Funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Blueprints has reviewed more than 1,100 programs since 1996. Only about 50 have qualified for Blueprints Promising Model certification, and just 10 of those have met the Model standard.

Only those programs with strong scientific evidence of effectively improving developmental outcomes in the areas of behavior, education, emotional well-being, physical health, and positive relationships are designated.

Published, peer-reviewed, scientific studies are the key to knowing what works. Blueprints reviews research studies and the quality of their evidence of program effectiveness, seeking strong methodological grounding, clearly defined goals, and reliably positive results.

Blueprints programs must meet four criteria:

  • Evaluation quality—confidence in a program’s evaluation
  • Intervention impact—a high degree of positive change in key developmental outcomes can be attributed to the intervention
  • Intervention specificity—the intervention is focused, practical, and logical
  • Dissemination readiness—the program has the necessary support and information to be successfully implemented

Promising programs must have evidence from an experimental or two quasi-experimental designs, clear findings of positive impact, carefully defined goals, and sufficient resources to help users. Model programs must, in addition, have evidence from an experimental design, a sustained impact, and a multiple site replication. Model programs are deemed ready for widespread use.

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