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Positive Action to Be Featured on “Today’s Family” TV Show (and Newspaper Article)

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Today’s Family” show to feature Positive Action

February 14, 2007, Deerfield Beach, FL—New Line Media is pleased to announce the selection of Positive Action for its innovative, educational television series, Today’s Family. The company will be featured in a segment on “Building a Solid Foundation” in the show’s series, “Touching Hearts, Changing Lives”.

“As a man thinks, so he is.” If an individual believes they can, they usually do. The philosophy behind this biblical quote is the foundation for a unique program designed to nip in the bud the monotonous cycle of negative thinking and behavior. For over 25 years, Positive Action has targeted children from kindergarten through high school, instilling in them the tendency toward thinking positive and feeling good about themselves. This positive way of thinking, in turn, leads to positive behaviors that help a student succeed long after they’ve graduated from high school.

The segment will educate viewers on the program, exploring the various programs and materials available to both families and educators of various grade levels, and other members of the community who have benefited from Positive Action. Viewers will see Positive Action at work in a classroom setting and see its impact on the surrounding community.

The numbers speak for themselves: In areas where Positive Action’s programs have been implemented, academic achievement rose by as much as 75% while violence decreased by up to 85% and drug, alcohol and tobacco use decreased by as much as 71%.