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Preparing a grant application can be a daunting challenge. It's important to divide the tasks in a logical way and estimate the work required for each task. The coordinator should determine a timeline and assign the tasks as soon as possible. Time management is essential to completing a quality application.

Version control can be difficult to manage when working with multiple contributors on large documents. It's important to establish a common file naming convention to be used by all contributors when naming their documents.

If you are working on a large grant application, you may consider using project management or collaboration software. There are a number of applications available:

Below are other important tips that we've found useful when preparing grants:

  • Allow plenty of time to prepare
  • Read the application package in its entirety
  • Follow the formatting guidelines
  • Structure your narrative according to the selection criteria. Make it easy for the reviewer to evaluate your proposal
  • Be clear, concise and specific
  • Justify your funding request according to project activities, keeping in mind that costs must be reasonable and necessary
  • Check budget figures for consistency
  • Proofread your proposal
  • Use the checklist printed in the application package
  • Have a fresh pair of eyes read your proposal before submission
  • Make sure that all of the required forms are filled out, signed and submitted
  • If submitting electronically, submit your proposal at least 12 hours before the deadline
  • If submitting via mail, submit your proposal at least 3 days before the deadline and use a priority service
  • If you have any questions or need additional information, contact the competition manager