Effective Social & Emotional Learning

for the COVID-19 Era.

Education faces a daunting landscape with students moving back and forth from classroom to home.

Keep your students grounded with Positive Action.

Isolation, confusion, frustration.

Students are experiencing a range of emotions that are difficult under normal circumstances.

The long-term effects of trauma on student mental health cannot be overstated. Without a proactive strategy, we stand to lose part of a generation of students to depression and anxiety.

Student Support Through Social & Emotional Learning.

Students need continuity in these stressful times, and Positive Action provides a whole-child approach to mental health. Starting the day with Positive Action sets the right tone for students to learn.

Technology has its Limits.

Technology has a place in the classroom but connecting with students, teaching compassion, and nurturing an intrinsic desire to learn has no digital substitute.

Technology can never supplant the genuine connection between teacher and student that embodies classical education.

Technology as a Tool.

The Teach! library is designed to make lesson preparation easy and portable, enabling teachers to embrace blended learning. School, home or the Moon, Positive Action can be adapted to any setting.

Parent Engagement.

Parents are closer than ever to their children's education.

Use this opportunity to keep them engaged with Positive Action’s free family lessons which can easily extend to the whole community since we truly are, all in this together.


Randomized-controlled trials ensure reliable and long-lasting results. Two trials have confirmed Positive Action is simultaneously effective for mental health and academic achievement.

Other prevention outcomes include violence, substance abuse and bullying.


Rise to the Challenge.

The world may be fraught with challenges, but they can be overcome.
Let this be the moment that education rises to the challenge, where teachers use their natural gifts as educators and students are treated as compassionate and motivated learners. Positive Action’s six-unit concepts show us the path forward.