Evidence-Based Parenting Class Curriculum & Programs.

When used by families, Positive Action involves parents in a positive way in students’ lives. Having an effective and supportive family is a strong predictor of academic success and of the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional health of individuals, families, and society. Positive Action provides many tools that foster effective families and supportive parents.

In addition to these efforts, using Positive Action for families teaches parents and students how to be healthy, think critically and creatively, solve problems, be responsible, form positive relationships, be honest with self and others, set goals, and do other positive actions to become happy and successful.

This develops all family members’ abilities and feelings of self-worth and prepares them for lifelong success and happiness. It also helps parents learn skills for parenting, family management, and coping with life. Families can become more involved in their students' school by using the Positive Action Family Kit.

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Family Kit

The Family Kit is a user-friendly product that can help strengthen family relationships and promote students' interest in learning. The 15-minute lessons easily fit into busy family lives, bringing Positive Action concepts into the home and providing a link to the school or agency. Parents can teach lessons once a week or follow a schedule set by the school or agency.

The Family Kit can also be used by trained people to deliver lessons in a variety of settings, structures, and time frames. The lessons can be regularly scheduled or one-time and can be used with any group of individuals to improve parenting skills and promote positive thoughts, actions, and feelings about self.

Family Classes

The Family Classes Kit is used with the Family Curriculum Kit to teach family or parenting classes in seven sessions. It can be used for high-need, at-risk families, in court-mandated situations, or just to train families in a school or other group in positive family behavior. In each session, families learn the TAF (Thoughts-Actions-Feelings) Circle, the philosophy, and the basics of one of the six Positive Action units.

During the first half of each session, the parents, adolescents, and students have separate, concurrent classes with age-appropriate lessons that cover the same concepts. In the wrap-up portion of the session, all the groups come together to review the concepts and participate in an activity as whole families. This powerful tool improves the relationships, communication, and dynamics of family life.

Positive Action family products are a robust and engaging component that will enhance existing implementations. As schools increase parental engagement, the students will benefit. By offering families and parents a direct way to be involved with Positive Action in the school, educators will observe improvement in students’ behavior, school engagement and academic performance.

Educators will also notice that parents will become more engaged as they see the benefits of Positive Action for their children.