Monitoring Surveys.

Measuring progress is an important part of implementing Positive Action. It is also a challenge to deploy and process assessments as there are a multitude of platforms, methods and services to consider. Positive Action offers several ways for educators to monitor student and implementation progress.

Traditional Method

The simplest and oldest method is to administer a paper and pencil version of a proven survey and then input those results into a form or spreadsheet. Positive Action offers basic assistance for customers who wish to use SurveyMonkey or Google Forms. Positive Action recommends SurveyMonkey for a streamlined experience that also allows educators to customize the surveys for their needs.

Contemporary Method

In conjunction with the 3C Institute (3C), Positive Action has developed software to track and monitor implementation and student progress. The Impact Implementation Support Platform (IISP) is specifically designed to collect and track fidelity, progress, and outcomes data and provide ongoing personalized resources to foster a high-quality implementation.

3C specializes in software development specifically for social, emotional and behavioral health. IIS was designed primarily for evidence- based programs (EBP) like Positive Action with funding provided by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. With more than seven years of development and consultation with a variety of EBP providers, 3C has created a best-in-class software suite that has been customized for the specific needs of PA and its customers. The goal of IISP is to:

  • Sustain fidelity to the model
  • Decrease “service drift” over time
  • Connect with support services
  • Target key issues of concern for a given participant
  • If not progressing, adjust midstream to achieve progress
  • Determine if participants achieve target outcomes
  • Document changes over time as a function of participation
  • Ensure participant outcomes are realized

As a web-based software platform, there are no special system requirements. A modern browser and internet access are all that is needed to operate the software. The platform became available for general release at the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

Through a unique partnership with 3C and its benefactors, the platform will be free to use for most implementations. There will be a fee for larger implementations. The fee schedule will be available as the platform approaches general release.