Evidence-Based Classroom Management & Behavior Curriculum Programs.

As Teachers know, classroom management is the capstone to an effective learning environment. Researchers have found that effective classroom management can directly affect students’ behavior and academic achievement.

As behavior problems continue to plague classrooms across the nation, Positive Action can help Teachers reclaim control of their classrooms. Positive Action lessons will begin to reduce problem behaviors in the classroom.

When students become actively engaged, managing the classroom becomes much easier, because less time is spent resolving conflicts and defusing student behavior episodes.

As behavior improves, Teachers are able to blend the tools and vocabulary from Positive Action into their classroom routine and management style.

When switching between course topics, students can quickly drift off-task if left unattended for too long. These are opportune moments to reinforce the Positive Action lesson material for the day. By reiterating the key concepts at these moments, Teachers can hold the students’ attention while preparing for the next classroom topic.

Managing time wisely is an important part of Unit 3, and the lesson content can assist Teachers with topic transition and keeping the class on schedule.

Classroom management does not have to be an acquired art. With Positive Action, Teachers can effectively manage their classroom with proven techniques and applicable content. They spend less time managing and more time teaching.

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