Successful Dropout Prevention Programs.

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Student dropout from high school continues to be a serious crisis in the U.S., with some localities reporting dropout levels greater than 50 percent. Reversing this trend is a national priority, since the lifetime implications for dropouts are staggering. From extreme income disparity to severely shortened lifespans, a wide range of potential harms can be prevented by keeping students in school.

Positive Action creates a school climate where students want to succeed. The positive school environment draws each student into a positive learning cycle. School becomes a place where Teachers and students enjoy spending time.

One of the central purposes of Positive Action is to help students strengthen their self-concept and recognize that positive behaviors apply to all the challenges and opportunities they experience in school, at home, and throughout life. This encourages involvement in all that school has to offer.

Students become more engaged in school and their study habits begin to change. As they become better students, their academic performance begins to improve. When they earn better grades, students become even more engaged in their academic pursuits.

Experiencing positive feedback from academic success in elementary and middle school, they become less likely to drop out when they reach high school.