Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Arrow down, orange iconWhat is the cost of the program?

Due to the ongoing challenges presented by the pandemic, Positive Action will be reverting BGC customers to standard pricing for products and services. These changes will go into effect on Friday, May 15th, 2020. Any quotes prepared prior to then will be honored for 30 days.

Arrow down, orange iconWill we be reimbursed for the cost of the program?

Boys & Girls Clubs of America will reimburse clubs for the kits that have been preselected for the FY2015 OJP grant opportunity. Clubs will need to include those expenses in their proposed budget for the grant and then include the itemized invoices/receipts with their financial reports requesting reimbursement.

Arrow down, orange iconHow will we be reimbursed?

You will submit your invoice to Boys & Girls Clubs of America for reimbursement. Those details will be made available very shortly.

Arrow down, orange iconHow many lessons are included in a kit?

Each kit has approximately 140 lessons.

Arrow down, orange iconHow many students are served per kit?

Each Instructor’s Kit contains enough materials for 30 students. You may order additional student resources in the Refresher Kit. The price of the Refresher Kits is approximately 1/3 of the price of an Instructor’s Kit.

Arrow down, orange iconHow often do we have to use Positive Action to achieve fidelity?

You can achieve fidelity by delivering 2 -4 lessons a week.

Arrow down, orange iconHow many lessons in total, do we need to teach for fidelity?

50 lessons for Elementary, 32 lessons for Middle School, 50 for High School.

Arrow down, orange iconCan we reproduce these materials?

No, these materials are copyrighted. No reproduction is allowed. If you need additional student resources, you may order Refreshers Kits, which are approximately 1/3 the cost of an Instructor's Kit.

Arrow down, orange iconI am new to this program. Where can I find a program overview?

We recommend that new users attend the webinar or review a recorded webinar. You may also view a simplified overview here.

Arrow down, orange iconHow soon can we expect delivery of the materials?

Most orders will be fulfilled within one or two weeks. We will notify customers if there is a delay in fulfillment.

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