Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Arrow down, orange iconThe lessons are 15 minutes a day? What if I don’t have that kind of time?

Positive Action will save you time. You do not have to teach Positive Action every day to see lasting effects. Problem behaviors will start to decline as students embrace Positive Action concepts and begin to cooperate in the classroom. When behavior improves, Teachers spend less time dealing with problem behaviors and thus have more time to spend teaching.

Arrow down, orange iconMy students are really difficult to teach. Are you sure it will work for them?

We have heard this question for a long time. The short answer is yes, it will work for your students. The research indicates that even a small amount of Positive Action instruction can have lasting effects. There is additional information regarding implementation and effectiveness in the Planning and Research sections.

Arrow down, orange iconIs Positive Action available in other languages?

Yes, Spanish versions are available for most grade levels.

Arrow down, orange iconDoes Positive Action ship internationally?

Yes, Positive Action ships to most countries. For international shipping estimates, please contact us.

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