Program Training.

Orientation training for Positive Action instructs participants on how to begin and implement the program by explaining the two basic elements of the Positive Action System: Content, which is the Philosophy, Thoughts-Actions-Feelings about Self Circle and the positive actions or skills for the whole self which are described in Six Units, and the Tools in which the content is delivered.

The training session will cover the appropriate grade-level curriculum and components, in addition to best practices for implementation, virtually or in-person, the program outcomes and studies that produced them, and evaluation tools.

The recommended length of an orientation training session varies by the scope of implementation and the number of participants. Classroom kit orientation is typically one day in-person or 2-4 hours online; additional components extend training.

Training-of-Trainers (ToT) training is available to prepare select staff to conduct their own training within their school district or site. The ToT is a multi-day training that begins with an orientation then takes a deeper dive into all aspects of the Positive Action System. It concludes with a teach-back and examination of the training tools available. The recommended length varies by the scope of implementation and is available in-person or online.

Discuss with a Program Consultant to determine the best option and amount of time necessary for your implementation.

All training requires the purchase of the appropriate kits. Training is most effective with the kits in hand.

Online Webinar

Orientation is $500 per hour. Effective for up to 20 participants. Training-of-Trainers is $600 per hour. Effective for up to 15 participants.

On-site Orientation

Orientation is $6,000 per day plus expenses; average one-day is $7,000. Effective for up to 50 participants.

On-site Training of Trainers

Training-of-Trainers is $6,500 per day plus expenses; average four-day is $24,000. Effective for up to 15 participants.

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