Evidence-Based Conflict Resolution Curriculum & Programs for Schools.

The underlying philosophy of Positive Action gives students the tools and vocabulary to resolve conflicts in all areas of their life. Treating others the way you want to be treated is a message that resonates with students of all backgrounds. Positive Action lessons build upon this philosophy and teach students how to defuse and resolve conflicts.

These skills are taught at each grade level with increasing maturity and sophistication. This scope and sequence allow an entire school to rally behind a common vocabulary and set the proper tone for a positive learning environment.

When a school has been using Positive Action for some time, Teachers and school leaders will be relieved to see that many student conflicts are resolved before they become serious issues. As students embrace Positive Action, conflicts are often resolved by students themselves and without intervention from school leaders.

Groups of students will work together to see that conflicts among themselves are resolved as peacefully as possible.

This has been observed in diverse settings and is evidenced by the behavior outcomes from two randomized-control trials. Students have an inherent desire to get along with each other.

With the right instruction and reinforcement, students will learn to treat each other with respect, and become confident in resolving conflicts.

To supplement these efforts, Positive Action has developed the Conflict Resolution Kit. Designed to expand on these concepts and provide more reinforcement, it features additional lessons and materials that help students find positive ways to resolve conflicts.