How to Develop a Positive Self Concept for Kids?.

The Positive Action model works because it directly and cognitively links self-concept with behavior. The Positive Action model defines self-concept as feelings about oneself and provides a philosophical basis: We feel good about ourselves when we do positive actions for continued physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth.

The TAF Circle teaches students that their thoughts influence their actions, and their actions influence their feelings about themselves. This circle is highly motivational because there is a deep psychological need for positive feelings about oneself.

Positive feelings about oneself lead to more positive thoughts and, consequently, more positive actions. Negative thoughts lead to negative actions and, consequently, negative feelings about oneself. Students are taught that they can interrupt a self-defeating negative circle with positive thoughts, thereby producing positive actions.

Because teachers spend so much time each day with their students, they are in an ideal position to teach and reinforce principles that build a positive self-concept. Positive Action lessons present these principles in a systematic approach that is age-appropriate, interesting, fun and motivating for students.