Grade 1 Kit

Lead Time: 2 weeks

For students aged 6-7

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Unit 1 begins with an ongoing story of two mice, Maurice and Marrott. Maurice’s cousin Marrott discovers that the sad mouse he mistakes for a picture is really himself in a mirror. His own negative image causes him to become even more discouraged and unhappy. With the help of ever-positive Maurice, Marrott learns that he can control the looks of the mouse in the mirror, and he begins a positive cycle of improvement and happiness by choosing positive actions to feel good about himself. Maurice returns in every unit to guide the children, check their progress, and show his confidence in them.

In Unit 2 the students meet Davey Doddle, who takes them on the Road to Good Health where they meet many comical characters along the way, like Hi and Jean who spend the whole day brushing their teeth, mistakenly thinking it’s the right thing to do. A poster of the Road to Good Health reinforces the story, and a paper car is moved to each area on the road to introduce the lesson concepts. In Unit 3 they meet Positive Pat and Negative Ned, personified by puppets, whose opposite approaches to life help them learn about the importance of managing their emotions positively.

In Unit 4, Polly the Friendship Parrot teaches the positive actions for getting along with others by treating them in the way they like to be treated. In Unit 5 they meet a strange boy named Vanishio, represented by a balloon, who vanishes a little every time he is dishonest with himself and others. He reappears when he learns that the positive actions of telling himself and others the truth is the only way to grow. In Unit 6 the students meet Steamy the Train and Lisa who find “nothing is impossible” as she helps them realize their dreams.


  • Grade 1 Instructor's Manual with an introduction, purpose statements, materials list, activity sheet thumbnails and 140 15–20-minute scripted lessons
  • 32 Activity sheets
  • 19 Visual aids
  • 13 Full color posters
  • Positive Pat and Negative Ned puppets
  • 30 Certificates of Completion and much more!

All classroom kits include materials for 30 students.