Evidence-Based Response to Intervention (RTI) Programs & Curriculum.

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Positive Action meets all of the requirements for Response to Intervention (RTI). It’s the only evidence-based intervention recognized by the U.S. Department of Education What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) in “character education” to improve academics and reduce problem behaviors simultaneously.

Positive Action has intervention tools for every tier or level, and assessment tools useful for integrating the interventions at the appropriate need or level.

Positive Action Curriculum Intervention

The Positive Action PreK–12 curriculum is unique because it teaches students the critical prerequisite skills for learning academics and links those skills to developing intrinsic motivation. These skills can be taught universally or targeted for more intensive work as indicated by assessment data. Positive Action also has Climate Development Kits for elementary and secondary levels to create a positive learning environment.

Supplemental Interventions to Support Curriculum

Positive Action has supplemental kits that are used for all tiers, but some are especially suited for upper tiers: a Counselor’s Kit, supplemental Drug Education and Conflict Resolution Kits, a Family Kit and Family Classes and Parenting Classes Kits, and a Community Kit for working with community partners.

Assessments Help Place Students in Appropriate Tiers

Positive Action has measurement tools to help schools assess students’ preparedness and proficiency for acquiring academic skills. The tools can be used for screening and monitoring progress or outcomes.

Planning Committee Tools

Positive Action provides a complete complement of forms in the Committee Handbook to help guide the decision-making process to organize and create the best individualized plans for improving student achievement.

Positive Action’s tools for all tiers of need and focus work together coherently to provide a unified approach. The Positive Action philosophy and accompanying concepts are the foundation of all the components, so they can be combined or used separately.

Many educators have found success by using Positive Action for their RTI opportunities. The program is uniquely suited for RTI because it features intervention and assessment tools.