Kindergarten Kit

Lead Time: 2 weeks

For students aged 5-6

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Picks-It (a wise, experienced raccoon) and Nix-It (a young, innocent panda bear) are two hand puppets who are the main characters throughout the curriculum. These beloved puppets lead the students on an epic journey throughout the Kingdom of Positive Action. Picks-It uses his wisdom to guide Nix-It to a better self-concept by teaching him the essential positive actions he needs to feel good about himself.

The puppets’ story opens each unit (1-7); Picks-It shows Nix-it a pond and asks him what he sees. He cannot see anything clearly at first, but with each succeeding story, what he sees becomes clearer. The last time he looks into the pond, what he sees is clear—he sees himself.  The reflection of himself became clearer as he learned how to see himself more clearly with positive actions.

The kit contains a full-color mural that represents the Kingdom of Positive Action, which consists of nine posters that can stand alone, or fit together as a whole. The posters represent the lands of physical, intellectual, social and emotional, the key ring, gates with locks, and lastly, Castle Self-Concept, which is at the center of the mural.

The goal of the journey is to earn keys by learning important positive actions in each of the lands, pass through the gates in front of Castle Self-Concept, and thus, open the door to Castle Self-Concept to see what is inside. Students also receive keys (activity sheets) to unlock their personal understanding of themselves by learning positive actions.

Finally, when they have earned all the keys, passed through the gates, and opened the door to Castle Self-Concept, they see a mirror—they see themselves. The children understand that they have grown due to the positive actions they have learned and realize they are also motivated to use them. They know that positive actions are what help them to feel good about themselves.

Materials are provided for 30 students.

  • Kindergarten Instructor's Manual with an introduction, purpose statements, materials list, activity sheet thumbnails and 140 15–20-minute scripted lessons
  • 38 Activity sheets
  • 13 Full color posters
  • 2 Puppets, Picks-It (Raccoon) and Nix-It (Panda)
  • 3 Kindergarten Stories CDs
  • Flannel and flannel board figures
  • 5 game boards, game cards and much more!

All classroom kits include materials for 30 students.