Guidance and Counseling in Education.

Positive Action is effective as a school-wide guidance and counseling program in schools with and without counselors. The concepts presented in Positive Action lessons give daily relevance and reinforcement to many of the concepts presented by school counseling staff.

School counselors and guidance workers often use Positive Action concepts to help students identify and resolve problems and take responsibility for their behavior.

Many school counseling programs focus on the results of poor self-concept. Discipline problems, vandalism, abusive situations, and other negative actions are far more common among students who do not feel good about themselves.

The Positive Action model takes a positive approach, teaching students how and why to avoid negative actions and why positive thoughts, actions, and feelings are so rewarding.

One goal of the Positive Action model is to improve the atmosphere of the entire school so that Positive Action becomes a lifestyle and not an abstract theory. By combining the expertise of counseling staff with the everyday Positive Action classroom lessons taught by classroom Teachers, the school will provide a solid basis for developing students’ self-concepts.

The Counselor Kit provides content and lessons that build upon the concepts students learn in the classroom. With these supplemental materials, Counselors who become engaged in implementing Positive Action school-wide are able to contribute meaningfully to the school climate.

Counselors will find Positive Action is appropriate for most of the issues they confront when working with students.