Grade 3 Kit

Lead Time: 2 weeks

For students aged 8-9

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Students meet the Galindos in Unit 1—a circus family of tumblers and acrobats. Billy Galindo learns a new tumbling trick, and in the process learns about the importance of family support for his developing his positive self-image. Jennifer Williams learns that a circus is like a family, giving support, and that her own family is the “greatest show on earth.” A clapper board visual aid is used to recognize positive actions when in the open ("action") position and is closed to "cut" when negative actions are done.

In Unit 2, Dr. Staywell teaches Teresa to take good care of her body. When she follows her advice, she looks and feels much better. A “Light Bulb” poster reminds third graders to use their intellectual abilities. In Unit 3, students learn they must be responsible for their own actions and use their “gifts” like time, energy, possessions, and feelings wisely. They meet Randy, a little “cowboy” who does not take very good care of someone’s horse, only to learn that now the horse is his. In Unit 4 they meet some children in stories who learn about friendship. Mike, a boy who did not want to travel with his parents to Europe because he had no friends there, learns that he can meet new friends anywhere he goes and the positive actions that lead to good feelings about people everywhere.

In Unit 5, the children hear a story about Betsy Bug, who makes excuses and has not learned to be honest with herself. They analyze themselves, honestly measuring their strengths and learning to admit their mistakes. In Unit 6, the Dragon poster reminds the children of the story of Princess Paula, who believed in herself, and Harrald the dragon, who needed a lot of work to become the sort of dragon who could take some pride in himself. They use their newfound confidence to think ahead and set goals for further improvement. With some risk-taking, goal setting, and hard work, Harrald becomes a much better dragon.


  • Grade 3 Instructor's Manual with an introduction, purpose statements, materials list, activity sheet thumbnails and 139 15–20-minute scripted lessons
  • 45 Activity sheets
  • 3 Visual aids
  • 9 Full color posters
  • Game board and more!

All classroom kits include materials for 30 students.