Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS)
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Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

Positive Action is the perfect complement to your school’s Positive Behavioral Interventions (PBIS) efforts. PBIS guides a site to set up school-wide expectations, rules, and procedures, and encourages teachers to design lesson plans to teach them. After initial set-up, high-quality school-wide behavioral instruction can be difficult to achieve when each Teacher is required to create these lesson plans individually. As the school year progresses, instruction can be easily neglected because of pressures to push the academic areas.

Positive Action lessons support the school’s efforts to maintain a proactive approach to high academic and behavioral expectations all year long. Below are the Positive Action tools to integrate with PBIS.

Collaborate with Families and Community Workers

PBIS and Positive Action both choose to shift from a reactive approach involving only schools to a collaborative, proactive approach involving families and community partners. Positive Action has a Family Kit, Family Classes and Parenting Classes Kits, and a Community Kit to link with community partners. All components are based on a common-sense philosophy that unites participants at every level with a shared vision and common language. The components can be combined or used separately.

Use Assessment Tools

Collecting and evaluating data for decision-making is a key element for both PBIS and Positive Action. Positive Action has free measurement tools to assess individual needs, monitor implementation and measure outcomes.

Click here for the surveys.

Positive Action and PBIS have similar goals and desired outcomes: to maximize academic performance and minimize problem behaviors. PBIS is a decision-making, operational process to improve academic and behavioral outcomes for all students by guiding selection, integration, and implementation of the best evidence-based academic and behavioral practices. By combining the process and structure of PBIS with the proven tools of Positive Action, you can have an intervention that is effective and easy to use.

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