Oct 29 2021

Middle School Students Gain Confidence and More in New York

Positive Action Staff
"What went well during Positive Action in your classroom?"

After completing a shortened implementation with middle school students in late spring, a nearly century-old social services organization in New York couldn't wait to share feedback they received from a school principal and health teachers. When asked "What went well during Positive Action in your classroom?" teacher responses included:

  • Students enjoyed Positive Action. They broke out of their shell and had the chance to talk about their feelings.
  • Student interactions, students willingness to volunteer, students reading out loud and gaining confidence.
  • Students learned and benefited from relaxation techniques and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Students enjoyed the role plays (Radio Script) and the 'Can you see this?' perception activity.

The program was so successful that the school asked for the providers to return in the fall to continue!


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