Mar 01 2019

Positive Action Strengthens Relationships Between Staff and Youth

Staff at BGC of Southwest MOPositive Action Staff
Learn how a Boys and Girls Club is using Positive Action to create a healthy environment for their club members.

“Positive Action curriculum has been a great addition to the programming offered at the Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Missouri. Staff have focused on the environment that the kids work in. Our Learning Center staff has had great success in dimming the lights and having members sit on rugs in a laid back environment where they feel comfortable opening up and sharing with each other. Staff say members have enjoyed the activities and look forward to programming. Members have worked hard to bring a positive environment to the club as a whole. One member has struggled with her self image and battled suicidal thoughts. Being actively engaged in the Positive Action programming helped to build a relationship with that staff and help her feel comfortable enough to talk to the staff and ask for help.“


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