Positive Action is Easy to Use.

Positive Action was designed by a teacher, for teachers. Each grade level kit includes everything a teacher needs to implement the program. This includes a comprehensive manual, posters, activity sheets/booklets and other manipulatives. All the materials are packaged in a kit box for easy access and storage.

Elementary lessons are 15–20 minutes in length, secondary lessons are 20-30 minutes. Lessons are generally taught four days a week, ideally first thing in the morning to start the day off positively and to reinforce concepts throughout the day. While this is the typical design, the Positive Action program is flexible and can be implemented in a variety of ways. Whether the design is to teach lessons daily, weekly, monthly, or only on special occasions, the Positive Action concepts are appropriate any time and applicable to every situation.

positive action easy and adaptable

Each lesson, unit, and component can stand by itself and have positive effects on participants. However, the lessons, units, and components build on each other. They provide a shared vision and coherency. This flexibility allows schools/sites to start with one or more of the components and add more as they can to increase effectiveness.

positive action easy and adaptable

After determining which kits to implement and when and where to implement them, the flexibility of this program continues, and it just gets easier from there! Teachers simply open the kit and familiarize themselves with the contents. They will find that the lessons are completely scripted, but they can adapt them to fit their unique settings and add their own experiences. Then they are ready to begin teaching!

The upcoming Instructor App for iOS and Android devices will make implementation even easier. The app will have the following features:

positive action easy and adaptable
  • Organize lessons plans and send schedules to common calendar formats
  • Use fidelity templates to identify core lessons and important topics
  • Bookmark and highlight important lessons
  • Search for lessons by keywords and topics
  • Preview and trial other products
  • Access and suggest supplemental resources
  • Integrate with classroom technology such as smartboards and Chromecast
  • Integrate with Single Sign On (SSO) technology such as Clever
  • Suggest feedback for developers

Implementing a Social and Emotional Learning program can be a daunting challenge. Positive Action makes it easy with its modular approach to content.

Design an Implementation that Fits Your Specific Needs

Positive Action can be adapted for a wide range of uses. The classroom component forms the basis of the program with additional supplemental products available for topics such as:

  • Bullying Prevention
  • School Climate Development
  • Counseling
  • Drug Use Prevention
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Family Involvement
  • Community Involvement
positive action easy and adaptable
positive action easy and adaptable

Each of these supplemental topics can standalone but are best used in conjunction with the classroom kits. Each of the classroom kits can also be adapted for other settings, such as:

  • Afterschool Programs
  • Tier 2 and 3 Populations
  • Counseling Centers and Private Practices
  • Juvenile Offender Rehabilitation
  • Family Services
  • Court-appointed Intervention Programs

Do you want to learn more about how Positive Action can be used in different settings?