High School 4 Kit

Lead Time: 2 weeks

For students aged 14-18

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High School Kit 4 teaches behaviors that students need to have in their adult lives. It provides opportunities for them to practice and role-play skills they need for future success. The Kit has two options from which to choose, depending on the positive actions you want to emphasize. The Kit provides the opportunity to apply positive actions to real world situations they might encounter.

Both Options use as the basis of their study, the Positive Actions for Living (also known as Family Kit) manual and materials booklet. It has three parts to each lesson: Positive Thoughts, Positive Actions and Positive Feelings. The Positive Thoughts section introduces the concept; the Positive Action section, the actions you would apply to four areas—yourself, the family, the parents and the community. The Positive Feeling is the reflection part and includes end-of-unit celebrations for all of the positive actions they have learned and/or are already doing. This approach allows much flexibility to target achieving the desired goals of students.

Option 1 is student-led, with supervision by a teacher, for peer instruction. The students form groups of four to six students and teach the lessons from the Positive Actions for Living manual to one another. There is a leader for each of the units, which gives everyone in the group the opportunity to be a leader. This option also includes peer mentoring as each member of the group is assigned to mentor one another, someone from outside the group but close to them, and another “mystery mentee.” The idea is that the mentor be that person who is always there for the mentee—they always have their back.

Option 2 is also student-led, again with the student groups. Only this time they use the Positive Actions for Living manual to teach the lessons and role-play the parts of family members in a fictional family designed by the group. The group receives scenarios of challenges and success that members of the family have or the family group itself has. They have to role-play how they would handle these scenarios within the role in the family they play. They change roles every unit to experience the different points-of-view of family membership.

In Unit 1, students learn the importance of the Philosophy and Thoughts-Actions-Feeling Circle and self-concept. They see examples of positive actions and negative actions and learn how to use the ICU Box (I See You Doing Something Positive). In Unit 2, students learn about good hygiene and create a Progress Chart for themselves. They also learn how to use a Decision-Making & Problem-Solving Checklist. In Unit 3, they learn to manage their money and make a budget for themselves. They also learn to manage their feelings with a poster of a traffic light that tells them to STOP when they feel strong emotions, THINK whether the action they are about to take is positive, and then GO ahead take it if it is.

In Unit 4 the students learn how to resolve conflict with the Conflict Resolution Plan, which prompts them to think about whether they are treating the person they are in a conflict with in the manner in which they would like to be treated. If they are, great. If they are not, then they need to reconsider their action until they hit on an appropriately positive one. They try on the provided “Respecs” Specs to remind themselves to treat everyone they see with respect. In Unit 5, they learn how to be honest with themselves and others with “Reality Check” cards. On the back of the card they write a problem they need to be honest about and what they can do to fix it.

In Unit 6, they play the "Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones" game to encourage one another to turn problems into opportunities on their path to reaching their goals and dreams. They wrap up the course with a celebration on the tremendous progress they have made to becoming their best selves and achieving success and happiness.


  • High School Kit 4 Instructor's Manual with an introduction, Option 1 guide, Option 2 guide, 42 15-minute scripted lessons from the Positive Actions for Living manual, appendices, topical guide, Secondary Replacement Stories booklet, teacher's materials and conflict resolution tools
  • 5 Positive Actions for Living Manuals
  • 5 Option 1 Folders (red)
  • 5 Option 2 Folders (blue)
  • 5 Student Materials Booklets
  • 10 Full color posters
  • Visual aids
  • Game board & game cards
  • Certificates of Completion and more!

All classroom kits include materials for 30 students.