Pre-K Kit

For students aged 4-5

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An ongoing story about two loveable hedgehogs, Squeak and Mimi, launches Unit 1 to teach children that positive actions are fun and feel good. Squeak and Mimi are two adorable hand puppets who accompany students throughout the program and who find themselves in situations familiar to the children. Rhymes, some with hand movements, cheers, music, and “clap-and-say” poems help children memorize positive action concepts and encourage their practice.

In Unit 2, Squeak and Mimi introduce students to Dr. Doctor, a kindly but no-nonsense woman (depicted in a visual aid) who helps the children learn and practice the positive actions for their bodies. Students also meet wise and serious Professor Socks (depicted in a visual aid), who helps the children learn about choosing positive actions to develop their brain. In Unit 3, students meet Manager Slanager (depicted in a visual aid), who helps the children learn to take care of their gifts/resources like time, energy, possessions, and feelings in order to feel good about themselves. In Unit 4, Squeak and Mimi introduce Droid, a boy with a passion for space travel, and his friend, Dude, who loves the cowboy life (depicted in visual aids). The friends plan a trip to Mars and realize they must get along with each other if they are to spend long periods in a small spaceship (depicted in visual aid). Mama Amore (depicted in visual aid) helps children learn and grow in these positive actions.

In Unit 5, Squeak and Mimi introduce the students to two good friends, Kayla and Mai, and Kayla’s father, Mr. Jazzman (depicted in visual aids). Mr. Jazzman teaches music at the elementary school and sometimes performs with a band as an outstanding singer and piano player. He is also a good friend to the children as he teaches them that telling yourself and others the truth are important positive actions. In Unit 6, Squeak and Mimi are thrilled to discover StarBoy and StarGirl (depicted in visual aids), who set goals for themselves and learn how to achieve them.


  • Pre-Kindergarten Instructor’s Manual with an introduction, purpose statements,
  • materials list and 130 5–10-minute scripted lessons.
  • Perpetual license for the upcoming Positive Action for Instructors mobile
  • app for Pre-Kindergarten.
  • 8 Activity sheets
  • 24 Visual aids
  • 13 Full-color posters
  • 2 Hedgehog puppets (Squeak and Mimi)
  • 30 Certificates of Completion and more!