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Positive Action is pleased to announce the details of its federally approved Whole-School Reform model offering for the School Improvement Grant (SIG). These models are available to ensure that each SIG project achieves academic success.

We offer schools two options they may choose from: our Primary Plan and our Pivot Plan. Each model offers schools unique benefits. Our Primary Plan takes into consideration the limited amount of SIG funds in comparison to the number of schools that may apply for the grant. With an economic plan, the state may approve more school applications. Our Pivot Plan enables a higher level of structure, oversight, and assistance to schools. Academic achievement remains Positive Action’s key focus in each model. Either way, schools win!

1. Primary Plan

Our Primary Plan covers the three main areas needed to implement a sustainable plan of Whole-School Reform with fidelity: sufficient oversight and coordination of the plan, training and professional development (onsite & webinars), and materials.

The budget of the Primary Plan allows a greater number of schools to be supported by SIG funds in each state. Positive Action offers training/professional development, refresher and replacement kits, and a dedicated position to coordinate the effort in order to sustain momentum of the intervention long after SIG funds have ended. We also offer a safety net for schools in light of the recent Elementary and Secondary Education Act rewrite (see “ESEA Passage Impacts” below).

Program fidelity is ensured by the Project Coordinator who oversees each step of the plan. Positive Action has an excellent track record of working with federally-funded projects through the help of proper coordination. The Project Coordinator will also ensure the implementation of parent and community outreach efforts and activities.

Training/professional development will be available in person and online. Positive Action will offer two onsite professional development trainings for the entire school staff. Continuous online professional development and training will be made available in a timely manner throughout the term of the grant.

Positive Action Whole-School Reform primary plan (PDF)

2. Pivot Plan

The Pivot Plan model of Whole-School Reform includes embedding an independent team of Positive Action educators in the school who demonstrate how to implement the program with fidelity.

The Project Coordinator oversees implementation of the entire project at every level. A Climate Development Coordinator works in tandem with school leaders to implement the school climate component. Positive Action Coaches enter the classroom to provide guidance and feedback on Positive Action lessons. The Pivot Plan model of Whole-School Reform also features positions for parent & community outreach and engagement efforts.

Positive Action Whole-School Reform pivot plan (PDF)

ESEA Passage Impacts Whole-School Reform and School Improvement Grants

School Improvement Grant funds outlook changed considerably in July. This could have a big impact on SIG models of intervention that districts have been looking at implementing. Instead of the five years of funding that we were all expecting, the term of the grant is now uncertain after the first year. School Improvement Grants are not included in either the House or the Senate bills. While funds may be redistributed under Title I after the Elementary and Secondary Education Act rewrite, it is unknown how the funds will be allocated afterward.

Positive Action has been watching the ESEA rewrite closely and has adapted our models of the Whole-School Reform intervention to set schools and communities up for success and sustainability in light of the recent confusion surrounding the funding of SIG interventions. Positive Action has made significant changes to the model's sustainability piece, the training and team, and the timeline. These changes were made in order to give schools the best chance possible to create lasting and positive school improvement without the disruptions or restraints seen in the historic four models of intervention while enabling schools to benefit for years to come. Our models set schools up for success by offering a first-year program of implementation, guidance/support, professional development/training, materials, and job-embedded coaching (Pivot Plan). Click on the PDF links above to view the details of each plan

The Whole-School Reform service offering is available for elementary, middle, and high schools (Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 12) who are eligible for SIG funds and are committed to working in good faith with Positive Action. For more information, please contact Christian Gross at christian@positiveaction.net or (208) 732-1134.