How to Improve Student Achievement?.

Positive Action works for increasing academic achievement as it prepares students to learn and be engaged in the classroom. Using age-appropriate curriculum materials, the program teaches the necessary skills for achievement in the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional areas through six focus units that are common across all components and grade levels.

They learn the importance of treating fellow students as they would like to be treated, which improves student behavior in the classroom. These efforts focus the entire school on the importance of positive behavior, enhance the core curriculum and create an optimal learning environment.

Intellectual positive actions, including thinking skills, are addressed at each grade level in the second unit. Subsequent units build upon these intellectual positive actions and develop the skills necessary for effective lifelong learning.

The program includes specific activities and reinforcement that emphasize the intrinsic value of education. Teaching students that learning is a lifetime endeavor will benefit students as they prepare for college and adulthood. Students also learn effective study habits and how to manage their time efficiently. These goals form the bedrock of a highly effective classroom.

In two randomized-control trials, Positive Action was found to have effects on both reading and math. The curriculum also aligns to multiple academic standards and teaches a wide range of academic competencies.

As pressure mounts for students to achieve academic success, educators can teach with the confidence knowing that Positive Action is effective for raising achievement scores and promoting an interest in learning.