Adaptation Reports.

Positive Action is adaptable and flexible for a wide range of remote learning settings. This guide offers a distinction between low-tech and high-tech adaptations. Low-tech generally refers to voice-only settings where the instructor is leading a discussion on the phone, and student access to technology or connectivity is a barrier. Positive Action continues to accommodate the low-tech approach to reduce the technical barriers that may inhibit student participation.

High-tech refers to virtual adaptations where a digital learning platform is employed, such as Google Classroom or Zoom, and students experience easy access to technology and connectivity.

The methodology used was to simply evaluate each lesson for its difficulty for instructors to adapt to either strategy. The Easy, Medium, and Hard labels indicate the general difficulty level for adapting that particular lesson based on the materials called for in the lesson.

It is our hope that these reports will assist instructors in their efforts to plan lessons and adapt strategies.

Unit 1