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Aug 18 2023

Announcing Pasela – The new app from Positive Action

Positive Action Staff
Join Positive Action's exciting journey as we unveil Pasela, a modern web app revolutionizing Positive Actions implementation. Experience the blend of cutting-edge tech and refreshed content in our upcoming beta preview. Follow us for more updates!

Today marks a major milestone in product development at Positive Action. With pride and excitement, we are announcing the coming availability of Pasela with the launch of our beta signup page. Pasela is an innovative modern web app designed to simplify and modernize implementations of Positive Action. In the coming months, we will offer a closed beta preview of Pasela for qualified users. It is the culmination of seven years of intense development from a global team spanning three continents.

We began experimenting with a digital version of Positive Action more than ten years ago and slowly iterated on conceptual features before initiating a formal project. As the development roadmap came into view, we realized Positive Action presented unique opportunities for exclusive features only possible with a large content library like Positive Action. Our CEO, Alex Allred provides a behind-the-scenes look at the development of Pasela on LinkedIn.

Other concepts and features that seemed like science fiction just years ago are now possible with modern web technologies. For a rundown on all the tech behind Pasela, Positive Action’s CTO, Adi Ghiuro, is sharing a technical perspective on the development of Pasela on LinkedIn.

As with any educational product, the technology is only as good as the content. In parallel with software development, we established an expanded content team to review lesson content and refresh artwork. Leveraging a bespoke content management system, the content team transitioned from a legacy book publishing cycle to a modern, agile, continuous-improvement/continuous-development (CI/CD) lifecycle.

Our content can now be updated within minutes instead of years. Customers who have received in-person training recently have seen this framework firsthand. A suggestion is made in the morning for improving a lesson, and an edit has already been published by the afternoon. Positive Action’s Content Manager, Melodie Hathorne, will share updates on these efforts on LinkedIn.

We have also listened to our customers who have expressed their admiration for our existing products in their current form. We believe that teachers need the tools that work for them and will continue offering our kits as we have for more than 40 years. And we will be offering a new innovative way to co-mingle both models with on-demand ordering of individual items and posters.

We have also been overwhelmed with the public’s response to the general release of the Family Kit at the beginning of the pandemic. Since then, more than 10,000 people have accessed this incredible resource. We are thrilled to announce that this will continue with Pasela. Everyone that registers with Pasela will have access to the Family lessons. The Family lessons have received a major facelift and some minor revisions. In addition, we will be releasing a Secondary version shortly after launch that offers new, more mature lessons for everyone to use and enjoy.

Pasela started with the simple intent of digitizing the lessons and making them available on devices. We accomplished this and so much more. In the coming months, we’ll offer previews of various features and tools. Teachers, counselors, and other mental health practitioners have the hardest job in the world, and we designed Pasela to make it easier. We cannot wait to share the future with you! Follow Pasela on social media for more updates.

You can also join the waitlist for the closed beta.

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