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Dec 13 2021
Updated at: Jul 04 2024

10 Best High School Curriculum: A Complete Guide for Home & School

Positive Action Staff
Once students finish middle school and enter high school, the course materials start becoming much more challenging. Moreover, all students start thinking about their future and worrying about the SATs, and getting into their preferred colleges. That’s why having a comprehensive high school curriculum from start to finish is absolutely critical.

However, among the numerous curriculums available nowadays, finding the right one for your kid isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve decided to help you along by putting together a list of the top 10 high school curriculums. That way, you can make an educated decision and choose with confidence the curriculums that suit your kid the most.

Top 10 High School Curriculums and Resources

1. Positive Action High School Kits

As important as academic knowledge is, if an individual doesn't learn how to be a good person, then they won't get very far in life. That's why we should always work to cultivate and develop a child's character and moral compass, and there's no better way to do so than to use the Positive Action high school kits.

These kits are four in number, and each one is designed to teach the high schoolers various life skills and moral values through interactive and thought-provoking methods. That being so, when students, whether in schools or at home, are finished with those kits, they'll be able to become self-sufficient and capable individuals who know who to think and act with honesty and integrity.

Now, you can buy each kit separately, but you'll be able to save some money if you buy the high school starter bundle. That way, you'll have access to numerous lessons, posters, and other educational materials that are guaranteed to make learning fun for both the teachers and the students.

2. Master Books 9th Grade - Basic 4 Subject Set

If you’re looking for a comprehensive high school curriculum for the ninth grade, then go with the Master books set. This set comes with the four basic subjects typically taught in 9th grade, which are math, science, language arts, and history. Moreover, it comes with a teacher’s guide as well as suggested daily schedules, worksheets, quizzes, and the all-important answer keys.

Generally, any ninth grader following this high school curriculum will have an easy transition from middle school to high school using the Master Books set. Not only that, but they’ll also learn the wisdom and glory of God with each subject they study, as all the books are based on biblical principles and worldviews.

So, whenever a student is learning about American history, math, or biology, their faith in God will increase every step of the way while also becoming well-prepared for the next year’s classes.

3. BJU Press Grade 10 With Books

For the best 10th grade online high school curriculum, the BJU Press grade 10 kit is our top pick. It comes with all the courses that kids need to cover in their sophomore year, namely, geometry, biology, world history, and literature. Additionally, you’ll find workbooks corresponding to each subject as well as scheduling ideas and answer keys.

Other than the physical books that you’ll receive, each student will also have access to an e-textbook corresponding to each subject, as well as instructional videos given by experienced teachers. Moreover, they also have the option of digital assignments, assessments, and progress tracking features.

To top it off, the parents also get a parent guide as well as digital teacher editions so that they can be of help to their children whenever they face an obstacle. All in all, this 10th-grade kit is a great choice for all tenth graders and is guaranteed to help them stay on top of their studies, whether they’re studying math or science.

4. Power Homeschool 11th Grade Program

Another great online high school curriculum is the Power Homeschool 11th grade program. This high school program is more than capable of giving eleventh graders the education they need and deserve. Other than the typical 11th-grade courses, students will find a variety of electives that they can choose from to help them decide on future career or college aspirations.

For instance, this curriculum offers courses concerning agriculture, medical terminology, psychology, music appreciation, foreign languages, and so much more. Besides, since all their courses aren’t grade-specific, students can pick any course at any point of their four years in high school.

Another great thing about this program is that they use the Acellus Learning System, which gives parents access to their kid’s reports and alerts them if their kid is having a problem with certain lessons. As such, parents can stay involved in their children’s education without meddling excessively, which is crucial as their kids grow older.

5. Timberdoodle 12th Grade Curriculum Kit

The Timberdoodle 12th grade curriculum kit will give all high school homeschool students the best learning experience ever. While their basic kit is as good as any other 12th-grade curriculum out there, their complete and elute kits are a whole other story.

Now, while these kits do come with the standard 12th-grade course books and resources, they also come with plenty of DVDs, activities, and puzzles that will make learning a fun experience and also ensure that every child reaches the best of their potential.

So, whether your kid is interested in economics, literary analysis, drawing, creative writing, or robotics, you’ll find something for him in this kit. You also have the option of customizing the kit to fit your family’s needs. All things considered, this kit will make sure your kid has a fantastic last year of high school.

6. ACE Comprehensive Curriculum (5 Subjects) Grade 9 Kit

The ACE comprehensive curriculum should be your pick if you want a high school curriculum that’s founded on Scripture and biblical principles. This curriculum allows all high school students to move at their own pace by using the self-instructional workbooks, which presents them with numerous lessons, exercises, and tests to ensure their mastery of a given subject.

Moreover, the students also get answer key booklets for each of the following courses: Algebra I, English, world geography, biology, and etymology. Still, you should be aware of the fact that you need to buy two additional books titled The Swiss Family Robinson and Twice Freed in order to complete this curriculum.

Other than that, the ACE curriculum will be an ideal way to nurture your child both academically and spiritually after graduating from middle school.

7. SONLIGHT 10th Grade Curriculum

For a superb 10th grade education, the SONLIGHT curriculum will be just the thing. In this curriculum, you’ll find daily lesson plans, student guides, instructor guides, and numerous resources. You’ll also get a bible and books for history, literature, language arts, science, and math.

By the end of this curriculum, any kid will learn things like the historical events surrounding the Christian church and the historical background of World War II. The students also learn about photosynthesis and factoring polynomials, and they’ll also develop their creative writing, comprehension, research, and literary analysis skills.

Still, the best thing about this curriculum is that it’s extremely flexible and can fit every child’s needs. You can even customize it using their SmoothCourse curriculum builder tool. That being so, you can give your child a wonderful 10th-grade education without going to too much trouble or having to be experienced at homeschooling.

8. Time4Learning 11th Grade Curriculum

One more online high school curriculum that’s praise-worthy is the Time4learning 11th-grade curriculum.

Now, students in their junior year will have started considering their career prospects. Accordingly, students this year need a curriculum that can provide them with elective courses that will help them realize their goals and big plans.

Thankfully, this Time4learning curriculum is the perfect fit for these students. With access to online lessons in courses like art, healthy living, and environmental science, students can have their pick of interesting courses while also covering the core subjects of the 11th grade like algebra II, United States history, chemistry, physics, and language arts.

Consequently, this curriculum is wonderful as a stand-alone homeschool curriculum, yet it’s also great for supplementing a regular public school education and putting together a good portfolio.

9. Forest Trail Academy Grade 12 Online High School Course Curriculum

It’s not easy finding a thorough online high school curriculum, yet the Forest Trail Academy grade 12 curriculum is just that. Honestly, this curriculum presents the perfect balance between electives and core subjects. Consequently, each high school student will be ready for college and future jobs.

In this interactive curriculum, you’ll find the basic 12th-grade subjects of mathematics, English, science, and social studies. Moreover, every student has to take a foreign language, be it Spanish or French, and any two electives.

These electives can be anything from stress management to theatre and drama. Truly, the possibilities are endless, and your children are bound to find something that piques their interest.

10. Timberdoodle 9th Grade Curriculum Kit

For children who are just entering their first year of high school, the Timberdoodle 9th grade kit will be the best choice for them. Their elite kit, in particular, is capable of broadening their horizons so that any student will be able to discover their likes and interests.

Now, apart from the regular 9th-grade courses of biology, language arts, geometry, and modern world history, a student will have access to materials and games that will enhance his analytical and concentration abilities. Moreover, this kit will teach the students about art techniques, website design, photoshop, accounting, and even PC security.

Still, the cherry on the top is that this curriculum comes with a manual that explains everything in it. As such, students can work through the courses at their own pace while taking the pressure of the parents.

To tell you the truth, all parents have to do is keep track of the kid’s progress, and that’s why the Timberdoodle curriculum is a great way to teach any 9th grader independence and self-sufficiency.

What’s Taught in High School - A Complete Guide

During the hour years of high school, high school students learn a multitude of different subjects. However, there’s always some sort of variation between each state, and some districts even have specific requirements that students have to fulfill in order to pass each year and finally graduate.

Still, on the whole, there are four major courses that homeschoolers and regular students take in high school, which are language arts, math, social studies, and science. We’ll break down each subject and tell you what the students learn in each year of high school. So, let’s dive in, shall we?

Language Arts

Language arts cover a wide range of literature, vocabulary, and grammar from grade 9 to grade 12. Typically, ninth-graders take what’s known as English I, which will teach them how to analyze high level-literature, be it American or English. Furthermore, the students start learning how to write well-informed essays, and they also develop better listening and speaking skills.

As they progress to the tenth grade, the students start delving into world literature and study various pieces of poetry and works of fiction. The 11th and 12th grades are much the same, but the students focus on understanding the finer points of literature.


Math in the 9th grade consists of algebra. On the other hand, geometry is the focus in 10th grade. As the students reach the 11th grade, they mostly take Algebra II, and when they enter the 12th grade, they take classes for pre-calculus or trigonometry.

Advanced students can choose to take other courses like statistics, calculus, and probability, which will prepare them for AP exams to get extra college credit. Still, the courses available will vary from school to school.

Social Studies

Social studies in high school is usually geography in the 9th grade, American or world history and cultures in 10th and 11th, and government or economics in 12th.

Again, advanced students have other courses available, though they differ from one school to another. Nevertheless, these courses usually include microeconomics, macroeconomics, government and politics, European history, sociology, and psychology.


Science-wise, students take biology in their freshman year and chemistry while they’re sophomores. Physics, lab chemistry, and stoichiometry are all taught in the 11th grade, and 12th graders usually choose advanced science classes in subjects like biology, chemistry, environmental science, and certain branches of physics.

Physical Education

Most high school students are required to take physical education in order to graduate. Since academics aren’t the only thing that students should put an emphasis on, students are usually encouraged to participate in some sport or exercise.

Final Words

As you can see, there are numerous excellent high school curriculums out there that prepare your child for his 1st semester in university. However, among the various high school curriculum and resources we’ve listed, only the Positive Action kits can prepare young people for the real world.

Sure, writing a research paper will come in handy in life, but not as much as learning the importance of honesty and thinking before acting. As such, the Positive Action kits should be included in any high school student’s journey, whether that journey takes place at home or in a classroom.