Apr 30 2011
Updated at: Dec 09 2020

Jackson-Madison County School Board Unanimously Votes for Positive Action

Positive Action Staff
The Jackson Area Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency (JACOA), in collaboration with Madison County Juvenile Court Services, is proudly utilizing the Positive Action curriculum with youth participants enrolled in the Child and Family Intervention Services Program (CFIS) and Juvenile Court Monitoring Program (JCMP).

Currently, the Child and Family Intervention Team conduct a two-hour weekly group session, each with approximately 10 youth, for either 15 or 10 weeks, depending on the age of participants. As of April 30, 70 participants have participated in the Positive Action curriculum. “At this time, we are pleased to report that none of those participants have re-offended on the same charge and only one participant has reappeared with a new charge."

We attribute this success to the model program that Positive Action provides, along with the professional staff members that deliver it. "Positive Action is making positive changes in the lives of youth in Jackson-Madison County!” says Barry Cooper, Prevention Director of JACOA.

On April 11, 2011, Mr. Cooper presented Positive Action to the Jackson-Madison County school board. Two of the former CFIS participants spoke about the impact that Positive Action has had on their lives and the changes they have made as a result. One of the participant’s parents spoke of those changes and remarked that he’d seen a considerable change in his daughter’s behavior over the last 3 months and that he was thankful there was such a program offered.

At the conclusion of the presentation, JACOA, in partnership with Madison County Juvenile Court Services, proposed that the school system allow them to provide the Positive Action program in the Parkview Learning Center, starting in the fall of 2011. The school board voted unanimously and Positive Action will be introduced in the Parkview Learning Center starting in August of 2011!

The Intensive Focus Prevention program through JACOA has been implementing Positive Action since fall of 2009. It is currently funded by a grant through the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services.


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