Jan 25 2014

NREPP Pre Kindergarten Announcement

Positive Action Staff
Launched in 2007, NREPP is a publicly searchable database with up-to-date, reliable information on the scientific basis and practicality of a range of mental health and substance use interventions.

Some 57,000 visitors a month search the website to make informed decisions about the more than 320 interventions listed there.

While posting on the NREPP website does not constitute an endorsement by NREPP or SAMHSA, NREPP does evaluate the quality and availability of training and implementation materials for each intervention. It also rates the quality of the research supporting intervention outcomes. A visit to this website is therefore a valuable first step toward informed decision-making for Pre-K educators and policymakers.

The Positive Action Pre-K Program received NREPP ratings by two independent experts. The program's implementation materials received the highest score possible (4.0), closely followed by training and support resources (3.5) and quality assurance procedures (3.8), for an overall Readiness rating of 3.8.

One randomized controlled study was presented for NREPP review. An evaluation (Flay, 2012) was conducted in a Northeast District in 2009-2010; it found that students who received the intervention showed greater improvement in overall social-emotional skills than control group students.

This study received an NREPP overall rating of 1.6. The evaluator noted that while its measures were reliable, some of the social-emotional characteristics the program addresses may be developmentally advanced for pre-K children.

The Positive Action Pre-K Program is an extension of the Positive Action Kindergarten-Grade 12 Program, which was reviewed by NREPP in 2006. Since then, Positive Action K-12 has been NREPP-rated as an intervention for outcomes in academic achievement, problem behaviors and absenteeism.


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