How to Promote Community Involvement in Schools?.

Positive Action features components that directly engage the community. It’s recommended that communities form a committee to undertake this part of the program. A Positive Action Community Committee unites leaders from different subgroups in the community to promote positive activities in each subgroup as well as through community-wide events.

These activities are coordinated with materials from the community kit, which teaches community members how to plan and carry out activities to build a healthy, vibrant, and positive community. It provides community leaders, public servants, media, social service workers, and business executives with the tools to plan and cultivate positive actions in every aspect of the community, while also encouraging positive development in every aspect of the individual citizen.

The Community Kit describes how to organize the steering committee representing various groups in the community, schools, and families. Each community stakeholder plays an important role in this constructive enterprise, which creates a groundswell of positive action that grows and culminates in an overall positive community.