Law Enforcement Outreach.

character education curriculum programs

Positive Action has been used by law enforcement in some communities to extend and reinforce the program in the community. Some Positive Action schools have arrangements with law enforcement personnel to teach students important lessons about resolving conflicts in a peaceful way or about the dangers of substance use.

Students are generally intrigued and respectful of officers in this setting. The opportunity to interact with officers during lesson instruction can be a powerful experience for students who generally tend to be distrustful of law enforcement.

Schools and districts that invite law enforcement officers into their school in a non-threatening role have found that both officers and students are at ease with each other and are able to discuss issues that are important to students in a supportive atmosphere. Repeated interaction can leave a positive impression on students.

Other programs that feature law enforcement outreach are often following a curriculum that simply has officers lecturing students on the dangers of drugs, alcohol and violence. These programs are ultimately ineffective, because information and scare tactics are not the best way to engage students.

By using the Positive Action program, law enforcement outreach can be a powerful tool if the lessons are interesting and include a proactive and positive discussion, as opposed to intimidating students with the harsh realities of criminal behavior.