6th grade curriculum
Oct 13 2021

10 Best 6th Grade Curriculum: A Complete Guide for Home & School

Positive Action Staff
Sixth grade is a monumental year in kids’ lives as it paves the road for the next grade levels. Also, students are finally gaining a mature mindset and leaving their comfort zone. However, to make sure this period is fruitful, you should choose the right 6th grade curriculum.

Since kids are different, they have different needs regarding education. The good news is, whether your kid is more on the imaginative or the logical side, you’re going to find their best match here! All you have to do is read on.

Top 10 Sixth Grade Curriculums

1. Positive Action Grade 6 Kit

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Positive Action curriculum is a top-notch choice as it works for both schoolers and homeschoolers. Your kid will enjoy a magical journey through the small town that goes by Hadley’s Corners in a total of six units. In Unit 1, the students will get introduced to a group of ambitious kids, while in Unit 2, they’ll learn how to balance their duties and ambitions.

Unit 3 is all about talents and gifts; kids will learn how to channel their abilities and use them to do something useful. Going on to Unit 4 and 5, sixth graders will learn more about empathy and honesty. Finally, in Unit 6, they’ll understand the importance of hard work in order to achieve goals.

If you purchase this curriculum, you should expect a teacher’s guide, activity booklets, game cards, colorful posters, and many journals.

2. SONLIGHT 6th Grade Curriculum

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The Sonlight curriculum is a homeschool curriculum that was made for kids with imaginative and spiritual mindsets. In 36 weeks, your sixth grader will learn about various cultures and religions along with many new academic concepts in subjects like mathematics and science.

In addition, your kid will improve their writing skills as they’ll get introduced to new grammar rules, writing styles, and literary skills. Not to mention, the many challenging assignments that come with this curriculum will further stimulate their minds in all subjects.

And for the best part, this homeschool curriculum comes with a detailed instructor’s guide. As a result, you won’t have to worry about not having expertise in the educational field. In addition to the manual, you’ll get books about history and geography, science, mathematics, language arts, spelling and reading, the bible, and more!

3. BJU Press Grade 6 With Books

Among online sixth grade curriculums, the BJU Press one stands quite proudly as one of the best. Your kid will go through an engaging educational experience as different teachers take the podium to explain their subjects in online videos. You won’t even have to explain the topics yourself!

Moreover, you can say goodbye to learning gaps between schoolers and homeschoolers with this curriculum. The subjects that come with this kit are English, mathematics, science, heritage studies, handwriting, spelling, and reading.

The heritage studies program takes your kid on a magical journey to ancient civilizations and different cultures, while the English one builds solid grammar and writing skills.

As for mathematics, students learn more about division, multiplication, percents, statistics, line plots, and proportions. Not only that, but the BJU Press curriculum also covers biology, physical science, and earth science for sixth graders. If you purchase this kit, you should expect printed textbooks, worksheets, E-textbooks, and an email regarding login information.

4. Time for Learning Middle School Curriculum

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With engaging lessons and interactive activities, the Time4Learning homeschool curriculum remains one of the best in educational fields. Your kid will learn more about language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science.

You don’t have to worry about your kid’s learning pace because this curriculum is so flexible that it works with many different learning methods. For example, regarding mathematics, students will get introduced to advanced concepts in geometry, probability, and data analysis. While in the language arts lessons, they’ll gain critical thinking skills and practice literary analysis.

As for science, the content mainly revolves around the earth and its structure. Finally, social studies will introduce students to different civilizations and ancient history. With this curriculum, your kid will enjoy animated activities, quizzes, exams, and engaging videos.

As a bonus point, you won’t have to waste time grading because this curriculum has an automatic grading system. Not to mention, it comes with detailed plans and curriculum calculators to make your life easier.

5. Oak Meadow Grade 6 Curriculum

Oak Meadow’s sixth-grade curriculum encourages creativity, imagination, and thinking skills. So if your kid is more on the imaginative side, then this kit is a perfect choice.

The grammar lessons and assignments that come with this curriculum will enhance your kid’s writing, composition, and vocabulary skills. You’ll be surprised at how well your kid will be able to express themselves on paper after this year.

Moreover, students will get to learn about ancient civilizations with an engaging learning style that includes costume making, drawing, mosaics, and sculptures. History will be as fun as music lessons in this curriculum!

Regarding science, kids learn about reproduction, ecosystems, and life cycles. Additionally, they improve their data recording and analysis skills. Finally, your kid will get to enjoy many engaging activities this year, including freehand map drawing, writing about Ancient Egypt, and going on an adventure with Robin Hood.

Along with the subjects’ manuals, you’ll also get many different storybooks to enhance your kid’s creativity.

6. Abeka Grade 6 Homeschool Child Full-Grade Kit

The Abeka sixth grade kit will come to your rescue with its engaging and practical learning method. It covers writing, reading, language, history, arithmetic, and science subjects. Moreover, as this curriculum teaches children from a Christian perspective, it’ll introduce them to the concept of religion and God, which works best for your child’s interest.

This learning kit will develop your kid’s mathematics skills with quizzes, activities, and speed drills. Not to mention, they’ll get introduced to many interesting scientific concepts, and they’ll be able to better observe the beautiful world we live in.

As for language lessons, students will develop their comprehension, composition, and vocabulary skills with the many activities and worksheets that come with this curriculum. You’ll get 22 different products if you purchase this kit, including textbooks, worksheets, skill sheets, activities, and storybooks.

7. Moving Beyond the Page Age 10 -12 Full Year Package

The Moving Beyond the Page 6th grade homeschool curriculum is among the best choices when it comes to independent learning. The subjects that are covered here are science, language arts, and social studies.

Your sixth grader will enhance their grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills in language arts. Moreover, the content will feed their imagination with engaging activities and stories. When it comes to science, students will learn more about many interesting topics like the periodic table, motion and force, and weather.

Finally, the social studies part has new information about geography, world history, different cultures, and the government. And for the best part, this curriculum comes with detailed schedules, so you don’t have to make ones on your own. Also, there are many options regarding daily lessons so that you can teach your child at your own pace.

8. Calvert 6th Grade Home Curriculum

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The Calvert Homeschool curriculum encourages kids to become independent learners, making for more engaged and creative students. In addition, it provides many programs and courses to keep your sixth grader interested and motivated. As a bonus point, it comes with individual classes so you can have more freedom in planning lessons.

The curriculum covers language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. In language arts, students build their writing and reading skills by studying poetry, literature, and informational texts. As for mathematics, they’ll gain a deeper understanding of the four operations.

Regarding science, this curriculum contains lessons about earth science, biology, and chemistry. At the same time, the social studies part introduces 6th grade students to new spatial terms like time zones, latitude, and longitude. Not to mention, they’ll gain fascinating information about the two World Wars.

9. Power Homeschool 6th Grade Program

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Power Homeschool provides an exciting and engaging 6th-grade curriculum through enlightening subjects’ materials and engaging lessons. Additionally, it’s a self-paced curriculum, so your kid can adapt to it without facing challenges.

As a bonus point, this curriculum ensures easy and smooth access to student lessons through Acellus, which is a learning application. Luckily, this application isn’t hard to use at all, and it helps in tracking students’ performance through assignments and schoolwork.

Using this curriculum, your child will develop their writings and comprehension skills, gain a deeper understanding of different mathematics concepts, study many scientific theories, and get to know more about history. Moreover, students are encouraged to learn a language of their own choice. For instance, they can study French, Spanish, or German.

Finally, this program comes with interactive activities and engaging videos to ensure your kid doesn’t have a dull moment while learning.

10. Master Books 6th Grade - Basic 4 Subject Set

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The four core subjects introduced by the Master Books set will provide students with insight into many essential topics. This bundle comes with 36-weeks worth of material for both students and teachers. It covers the following: mathematics, science, history, and language arts.

The good news is that this set comes with detailed lesson plans and daily schedules so that you don’t have to plan the whole year yourself. In addition, this Charlotte Mason-based curriculum includes many quizzes and worksheets to challenge your kid into studying more.

In the mathematics curriculum, your kid will enjoy hands-on experiences, practical applications, and interesting stories. The same goes for language arts, with more focusing on reading and writing skills. As for science and history, kids learn them through a biblical point of view that helps cement the idea of religion in their heads.

What Is Taught in 6th Grade?


In 6th grade, kids learn more deeply about the four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They also gain insight into other concepts like factorization, absolute values, word problems, and geometrical rules. Moreover, they’ll know all about the metric systems of measurements, including the U.S one.


Science is more on the practical side in sixth grade as students get to apply what they learned through experiments. Regarding chemistry, they’ll learn more about the three states of matter and their properties.

As for biology, they’ll gain a deeper understanding of planet earth and the solar system along with plant studies. Finally, in physics, they’ll learn how force and motion affect objects. However, this may differ according to the curriculum you’ll choose for your kid.


Sixth-grade students get introduced to required reading as an essential part of their curriculum. They’ll have many books to read and analyze throughout the year.

In language lessons, they’ll develop their vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar skills with the aid of activity sheets. While in literature lessons, they’ll learn through a more artistic perspective as they’ll get to read many plays and poems.

Social Studies

The social studies content differs according to the curriculum you choose. For example, some curriculums separate it into history and geography, while some take it as one subject. However, sixth-grade students will generally learn more about world history, including World Wars and different ancient civilizations.


Sixth-grade students will be encouraged to improve their writing skills with many activities throughout the year. First, they’ll get introduced to different writing techniques and skills to build a good base for the upcoming years. Second, they’ll get more acquainted with vocabulary and grammar through practice.

To Wrap Up

Sixth grade is the year where students begin to mature and understand how the world works. They’ll get to implement what they’ve learned in the past year, both practically and theoretically. As a result, many parents worry about choosing a suitable 6th grade curriculum. Accordingly, you need to know what skills your kid mostly depends on.

Your best option will most probably be the Positive Action Grade 6 Kit, as it works for nearly all students. You can use it as both homeschooling and regular schooling curriculum. Not to mention, it introduces students to many interesting characters to keep them engaged and focused.

Now that you know enough about the topic, you can choose the right curriculum for your sixth-grade student!