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Oct 18 2021
Updated at: Jan 22 2024

10 Best 7th Grade Curriculum: A Complete Guide for Home & School

Positive Action Staff
Seventh grade is the start of junior high, and it acts as a transition phase between elementary school and high school. As such, the knowledge acquired in this year, as well as the experiences a student goes through, are extremely important as they set the foundation for high school and, later on, college.

Now, finding a 7th-grade curriculum that allows your child to keep up with his peers can be difficult, especially with the prevalence of online schooling nowadays. That's why we've reviewed 10 of the best curriculums that we think will be of value to any 7th grader. So, take a look at each one and pick the right one for your child.

Top 10 7th Grade Curriculums

1. Positive Action Grade 7 Kit

If you want a kit that'll help positively form and shape a 7th grader's mind and personality, then the Positive Action grade 7 kit is the one for you. Essentially, this grade 7 kit consists of three units, each teaching certain concepts.

For instance, unit 1 focuses on allowing seventh graders to talk and discuss issues they may encounter within their school and home environment. Unit 2 then goes on to tell them how to take care of their health, while unit 3 teaches them self-discipline and how to manage their resources so that they can reach their full potential.

As you can see, the skills taught by this kit are essential for any seventh-grader, and both school and homeschooling students will greatly benefit from it.

Thankfully, this kit will provide you with numerous materials such as activity sheets, visual aids, certificates, and more to make the process easy and rewarding for both the student and the teacher.

2. Master Books 7th Grade - Basic 4 Subject Set

If you're looking for a comprehensive 7th-grade homeschool curriculum that'll cover all that a seventh grader should know, then the Master Books 7th grade, basic four subject set should be your go-to. This set includes grade-appropriate math, history, science, and language arts courses built on a biblical worldview.

The language arts curriculum will teach students basic writing skills. Meanwhile, the history curriculum will teach the seventh-grade students all about world history, including the most important historical events throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Finally, the math curriculum will focus on preparing any middle school student for high school-grade-level algebra or pre-algebra.

Now, not only does the set come with a 36-week worth of curriculums for the student, but it also comes with a teacher manual, suggested daily schedules, worksheets, quizzes, and answer keys. As such, no one will have any problem preparing and following the lessons, and you can always adjust the schedule to match the student's pace.

3. Power Homeschool 7th Grade Program

The Power Homeschool 7th-grade program is a superb seventh-grade homeschool curriculum that makes the transition between elementary and middle school easy and smooth. It offers thorough online lessons in math, science, world history, and language arts in addition to at least one foreign language, be it French, German, or Spanish.

A great thing about the Power Homeschool program is that it makes use of the Acellus Learning System. This system ensures students fully comprehend the lessons they're given through videos, exercises, and reviews.

Moreover, it allows every student to work at their own pace while also alerting the parents if their children encounter problems in certain areas or skip lessons. All in all, the Power Homeschool 7th grade program encompasses all things that seventh-graders should learn while ensuring that the student actually understands what he's taught.

4. Calvert 7th Grade Home Curriculum

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If you'd like to challenge your children, not simply pass through the year, then pick the Calvert 7th grade curriculum. This 7th-grade homeschool curriculum is an excellent way to ensure your child has a greater depth of comprehension about all the subjects he learns.

With it, students learn critical thinking skills. They also develop their literacy skills, grammar, vocabulary, and speech, as well as get an in-depth understanding of subjects like language arts, math, science, and world civilizations.

Not only that, but it also provides parents with what they need in order to fully support and encourage their child in his homeschool education journey. Accordingly, this curriculum will ensure your child is up to national standards while making each homeschool day stimulating and inspiring.

5. Moving Beyond The Page Age 11 -13 Full Year Package

If you'd like to develop your child's interest in social studies, literature, and science, then go with the Moving Beyond The Page full-year package.

It can be used for both middle school years and comes with helpful lesson plans that ensure every student will be ready for high school subjects like history, philosophy, civics, as well as physical science branches like physics, chemistry, and earth science.

Typically, each day the student has three lessons, one in each subject, and every lesson reinforces the others. Moreover, he's regularly outfitted with assignments and hands-on activities that ensure proper understanding.

Fortunately, this package comes with answer keys and free online curriculum access that lasts for 18 months. So, all you have to do is make sure your child follows through with the schedule he sets and provide help or discussion when needed.

6. ACE Comprehensive Curriculum (6 Subjects) Grade 7

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The ACE comprehensive curriculum is one more excellent curriculum that's based on Scripture and biblical elements. It consists of 12 books, 2 for each subject, that allow students the freedom to learn math, English, literature, social studies, science, and world-building at their own pace.

Basically, after students learn a lesson and complete its workbook assignments, they then solve a practice self-test followed by a real test to see how well they understood the lesson. As such, the students will not only gain knowledge on the curriculum subjects, but they'll also become self-sufficient and independent.

7. Oak Meadow Grade 7 Curriculum

For an all-in-one, 7th grade package, the Oak Meadow curriculum is the answer. It contains everything a seventh-grader will need, from coursebooks, each with its answer key, to a blank journal and reading materials like Brown Girl Dreaming and more.

Generally, the courses cover subjects including world history, English, and math and allow a student to compare, analyze, and draw inferences all on his own. Their math curriculum is especially remarkable as it teaches everything from applying functions to proportional relationships.

Moreover, this syllabus includes activities like sonnet memorization, collages, and world music lessons, ultimately teaching your child more than simple book-smarts. That's why it's our best pick for sensory, hands-on education.

8. Time4Learning 7th Grade Curriculum

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Time4Learning's 7th-grade curriculum will make homeschooling a walk in the park. It has numerous chapters and activities in science, ancient history, civics, and it teaches the mechanics of writing, reading, and math quite clearly. Moreover, it allows students to choose electives that suit their interests like economics, foreign languages, music, and more.

Thankfully, this curriculum is highly accommodating and flexible, suiting different homeschooling styles. Furthermore, it comes with lesson plans and a teacher's guide to make it easier on the parents.

To top it off, all its video lessons come with captions to make it easier on special needs students. So, as long as you've got an internet connection, you'll be able to make full use of this curriculum.

9. BJU Press Grade 7 With Books

The BJU Press Grade 7 package is an absolutely wonderful pick for a 7th-grade homeschool curriculum. It allows you to pick certain electives or adjust the difficulty grades of specific courses like world studies, math, life science, and literature.

Other than the actual books you receive when you register, you also gain access to instructional videos, e-textbooks, as well as digital assessments and assignments. Additionally, you can keep track of your child's progress and grades at all times until your child completes all his courses through their online learning programs.

10. SONLIGHT 7th Grade Curriculum

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The SONLIGHt 7th-grade curriculum is a flexible, book-based curriculum that contains everything a parent and a child will need. This means you get things like teacher's guides, the bible, read-alouds with sophisticated stories, readers, resources, as well as history, geography, language arts, math, and science courses.

Surprisingly, this brand offers you a full refund if you and your children don't love this curriculum or if you realize that you haven't purchased the right level before 18 weeks have passed. Just make sure to return everything for the full refund and know that partial refunds are also possible.

Also, keep in mind that if your child is more of a technological learner, this curriculum won't be the best option for him.

What Is Taught in 7th Grade?

There are many differentials that a 7th-grade curriculum should cover. However, before we tell you what those things are, make sure to check your state requirements, as well as any additional requirements by your district.

Once you've looked over those prerequisites and other additional information, try to make sure the curriculum you choose teaches the following core subjects.

Language Arts

Language arts takes the forefront in seventh grade, where students improve their speaking, grammar, reading, and writing skills. At the end of the year, they should be able to write well-structured and informative pieces/stories that use transition words, quotations, and citations.

Additionally, they should have a handle on how to analyze texts and understand the message or meaning behind them. They should also be proficient at making inferences and finding the evidence in the text to support such inferences.

Finally, they should be able to compare the different points of view found in a certain work as well as measure up that work against others discussing the same topic.


Math curriculums will vary from one place to another, but they should essentially balance algebra, geometry, and statistics. Basically, a 7th-grade student should be able to recognize scientific notations, order, add, and abstract fractions, plot points in a grid, and understand the formulas needed for the areas and perimeters of different geometric shapes.

Moreover, they should come across the concepts of negative numbers, as well as proportions and probabilities, so that they'll eventually be ready for high school algebra.


Again science programs will differ. However, they should incorporate life sciences that teach students about plants, animals, and the human body, as well as some physical science, be it physics or chemistry. Occasionally, certain schools will teach geology, so it'll be up to you and your child what to focus on, provided, of course, your state approves it.

Social Studies

Social studies can contain anything from American history to geography and civics. If it's the former, then curriculums will generally cover pre-civil war history. However, some states may cover state history or even world history. So again, find a subject that your child is interested in, and it'll be fine.

Foreign Languages

Seventh grade is often the school year in which a foreign language is introduced. Generally, each student has the option of choosing one language among those offered by his school. These languages are typically either French and Spanish.

Of course, other languages like Chinese may be offered, but the choices will depend on the school's capabilities. As such, if you're homeschooling your child, choose a language that he's interested in but make sure that you'll be able to teach him.


7th-grade curriculums will vary between each nation and state. However, the Positive Action curriculum is the only one that can and should be used in all places, be it at home or in schools. Since this curriculum teaches basic concepts like self-management, critical thinking, research, and how to become more effective communicators, all students will stand to benefit from it.

So, when choosing a curriculum for your child, make sure to buy ones that will prepare him for the world, not just the following year. Also, try to pick the curriculum that suits your family the most and always makes sure that every course in it complies with your state's vision and demands.