Feb 06 2021
Updated at: Feb 09 2021

9 Ways to Create a Strong Bond with Your Child

Jessica Robinson
In the present times, the technology which is counted as a blessing is also one negative element that spoils relationships. Addiction to the same has affected today’s youth, and they are likely to stick to it for long hours, leaving their families.

This further spoils the relations, and as a result, parents are unable to create strong bonds with their children. They suffer and crib about the same. Sometimes even harsh steps are taken by the parents to get close to the child, but the negativities arise after all this. Therefore, there is a dire need that parents should become smart and use different tactics on handling their kids and developing bonds. The best ways by which parents can develop close relationships with their children are given below.

1. Treat your child as a priority

The addiction to technology plus the difference which is already existing between parents and children won’t go away soon. Therefore parents need to understand and adopt a steady approach for a consistent period to get their kids attached. Thus, as a parent, make sure you treat your child as a priority. In this case, you should be available for the child when he needs you, and all his concerns should be heard. Usually, parents ignore their children when they are busy in their own social life, which is certainly not right. So, the way you treat your child will make your bond grow. Hence, you should treat your child as a priority and connect with him the way he wants.

2. Spend time with your child

There are chances that you are a working parent, and then you have other household chores too. But this doesn’t mean that you can ignore the child. It is vital to understand that you spend quality time with your child and appreciate his well being. Make sure every day you devote ample time to your child. To the more, during weekends you should make it a point to go for coffee or leisure walks with your child as with this technique you would be able to make your bond better.

3. Turn off the technology when you both are together

To make your bond strong and make the child realize that relationships are more valued than anything, make sure you turn off the technology when you spend time with him. It should not be a practice from your side, but you should also ask your child to do this. Mobile phone and social media have their advantages, but then, at some point, they have certain disadvantages too. So make sure you and your child both get rid of social media and other means of technology when you both are together.

4. Try developing a friendly bond

With the advancement and coming up of technology, things have taken a new shape, which was undoubtedly quite different during the past. Now the children are advanced and have their level of thinking. As a parent, you should not just be a strict father or mother but rather try developing a close friendly bond with your kid. You should make your kid believe that you are his best friend, and you won’t leave him at any cost. Even you need to ensure the child that you won’t get angry at his any kind of act; preferably, you will be a supportive buddy to him. Thus, when you adopt this kind of strategy and develop a friendly bond with your child, you become more close to him, and then things become better.

5. Let them have their own space even

You might be developing a great bond with your child, but you need to understand that like every individual, the child also needs its own space like every individual. To make your child feel comfortable and let him relax, make sure you give him his personal space. By space, it is not just giving him a good bedroom, but also you need to ensure that you provide the child quality time to spend within himself. If you certainly don’t do that, the child would feel bounded and suffocated. So you must provide him with the space he needs.

6. Provide them with surprises

Your child is a little bud who, unlike other kids, expects to be pampered. He is looking out for all love and care plus is waiting for moments when you as parents would surprise him. So, to make your child feel happy and show him that you know what he likes, you should undoubtedly get surprise gifts sometimes for your child. The surprise could be small chocolate to an outing ticket to an amusement park; make sure you do all of it. When you don’t get surprises, and the child notices his peer group experiencing the same, he certainly feels terrible.

7. Be a role model to them

You should make sure that you show your child an upbeat personality from the very beginning. He should feel that his father or mother is amazing and an example of how he has to grow up. When a child notices your good qualities and counts you as a role model, there are chances of a child likely getting more attached. However, if the child observes that you are an angry person or always keeps shouting, the child would be scared of you and would not likely get attached to you because of the fear factor. Thus, it is vital to show your right side and let the child set his career goals by getting influenced by you.

8. Have a healthy relationship with your partner

Parenting does not begin from the moment you talk to the child and make him understand things. But it eventually starts from the time the child is born. When you have a good relationship with your partner, the child observes the same and starts developing a good bond with you. The development of bonds is not based only on interaction but begins when you provide a healthy environment.

9. Get involved in the hobby of your child

It is vital to understand that what your child loves doing. When you know about their hobby, it is easy to connect with them. You can pursue it along and have fun. For instance, if your child loves painting, you can both paint together. You can teach the child about different colors and their formation. With this practice, your bond will become better, and the child would likely get more close to you. Make sure you discover your child’s hobby, and you both do it together when there is free time.

For the child’s growth and making them understand the family love, it is essential to develop a strong bond with parents. The child is a little bud that should be appropriately nurtured in the right direction. Parents should put in maximum effort to make the child feel secured and close to them. With this practice, the child would undoubtedly develop good relations and bond with their parents.

About the author: Jessica Robinson is an epitome of creativity. She has dedicated her life to educational writing and works for ‘The Speaking Polymath’. She has been creating magic with her powerful words for over a decade


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