Oct 19 2020

Virtual Learning Guidance Reports Are Now Available

PA Staff
Planning resources for virtual learning are now available.

Positive Action is pleased to announce the completion of a technological compatibility analysis for Pre-K-Grade 6. This analysis will help teachers identify lessons that are better suited for virtual delivery. The guide offers a distinction between low-tech and high-tech adaptations, with an assumed level of subjectivity depending on the user.

Low-tech generally refers to voice-only settings where the instructor leads a discussion without using a screen, and where student access to technology or connectivity is a barrier. Positive Action continues to accommodate the low-tech approach to reduce the technical barriers that may inhibit student participation. High-tech refers to virtual adaptations where a digital learning platform is employed, such as Google Classroom or Zoom, and students experience easy access to technology and connectivity.

These efforts will continue, and in the coming weeks, Positive Action will provide reports for the remaining grade levels. The reports may be accessed here:


As you begin using the adaptation reports for planning lessons, make sure you access all of the digital resources you need by visiting the Positive Action website, “Teach,” to request specific grade and unit tools.


Our sincere hope is that these compatibility reports combined with the digital resources platform will assist teachers and facilitators as they continue to adapt to remote and blended learning.