10 Best 11th Grade Curriculum: A Complete Guide for Home and School
Nov 02 2021
Updated at: Jul 04 2024

10 Best 11th Grade Curriculum: A Complete Guide for Home & School

Positive Action Staff
Getting ready for 11th grade can bring lots of firsts for teens and their parents. This is the first year of high school, and basically, it's the first year that students aiming for selective colleges should start planning and working towards acing their college entrance exams.

Whether you're a parent looking for a way to guide your youngsters through such a crucial stage or a teacher who wants to enrich your students' minds and cover any learning gaps, an excellent 11th-grade curriculum is key. We've picked ten of the best 11th-grade curriculum programs that will prove useful whether you're traditional schooling or homeschooling.

Top 10 Eleventh Grade Curriculum & Resources

1. Positive Action High School Kit 1

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Let's kick off our list with one true gem covering many essential topics that might get easily overlooked by parents and teachers. Positive Action 11th-Grade Kit 1 isn't your typical course delving into the same academic subjects that high school level students should be familiar with.

Instead, it provides educators with resources that aim at starting conversations with their 11th graders. For instance, the first unit aims at making students more self-conscious by asking, "Who Am I?", while the second unit promotes both physical and intellectual well-being and encourages students to follow healthy diet and exercise habits.

Positive Action’s Kit 1 also addresses other topics like time management, codes of conduct, and setting meaningful goals for a successful career. After all, it’s best not just to pour all attention towards the academic aspect and miss other crucial topics that’ll help shape 11th graders' identities and allow them to pursue successful career paths, right?

2. Positive Action High School Kit 2

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Kit 2 follows the same Positive Action formula by dividing each lesson into three sections; Positive Thoughts, Positive Actions, and Positive Feelings.

The first part aims at introducing students to the broad concepts, and then they'll learn to apply what they've learned as they move to the second section of each lesson. Finally, the third part aims at reflecting on what your 11th grader has learned to help develop their critical thinking and analytical skills.

Kit 2 also shakes the course's formula by including a 44-act play that includes a diverse cast and spans different time periods. The group activity aims to teach students to respect and trust one another to reach a common goal.

This same theme recurs throughout the different units of Positive Action 11th Grade Kit 2. The curriculum leans towards role-playing activities that showcase different cultures and promote acceptance as a universal golden rule.

3. Positive Action High School Kit 3

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Next up is Positive Action’s Kit 3! This entry in the 11th-grade homeschool curriculum is all about teaching students to become resourceful through a series of solo and group hands-on activities.

For instance, students learn about the benefits of leading an active life by asking them to design a health fair. Then, they're required to research the activities to be included in the fair and develop a compelling argument for why one activity made the cut, and another one got scrapped when finalizing their project.

Furthermore, students also learn about the United States' history by going through the biography of Abraham Lincoln. The lesson highlights Lincoln's acts of kindness and encourages students to leave a meaningful impact in their communities by participating in volunteer work.

So, the main theme of Positive Action 11th Grade Kit 3 is fostering your child's initiative spirit. The curriculum is designed as a series of hands-on projects that require research, planning, and excellent communication to help translate ideas into action.

4. Power Homeschool 11th Grade Program

Let's switch gears to a different curriculum formula; online courses. Power Homeschool Services delivers a comprehensive online curriculum that aims to broaden your youngster's interests and provide them with resources about the best career opportunities.

The 11th-grade homeschool curriculum also encourages students to learn at their own pace and focus more on their points of weakness. In addition, all the materials you need are online, which gives students the flexibility to learn anywhere.

Power Homeschool Services has also implemented a unique set of tools to include parents in the learning process. Of course, as your teenager gets older, they won't need your help as they used to. Nevertheless, your supervision is quite important to ensure your child is on the right track.

Through the Acellus online platform, you can track your teen's progress and see if they run into issues or challenging topics. This way, you can offer help only when needed in a friendly, non-intrusive way that encourages your 11th grader's independence.

5. Time4Learning 11th Grade Curriculum

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11th grade is when many students take their SAT or ACT exams, and Time For Learning seems to understand that well. The online curriculum on display here aims at helping your children narrow down their college choices and properly plan their life after high school.

Such an online course can also be used as a homeschool curriculum as it covers subject areas like math, language arts, social studies, and much more. Still, the course encourages students to learn at their own pace.

Science is also a major focus of the Time for Learning 11th-grade homeschool curriculum. Your teenager gets to learn biology, physics, and chemistry in a way that boosts their understanding of scientific knowledge and its real-life applications.

Finally, the whole package is built around delivering knowledge through researching and asking questions. The Time For Learning curriculum covers all the required subjects and opens the doors to learn other subjects through a wide variety of electives that can be taken throughout the summer.

6. Timberdoodle 11th Grade Curriculum Kit

Looking for a homeschool curriculum that delivers the perfect balance between academics and hands-on activities? Timberdoodle has got you covered with their 11th-grade kit. The curriculum covers a variety of subjects, including high school maths, world history, language arts, and math.

STEM is always a primary focus for the Timberdoodle courses, and the 11th-grade program is no different. Your son or daughter will get to learn human anatomy through jigsaw puzzles that provide accurate cross-sections of the human body.

Furthermore, robotics gets much love here as well. Your 11th grader will learn to program eight different robots by following an engaging instruction guide that lets them learn scientific ideas through experimentation and hands-on applications.

It's worth noting that Timberdoodle offers its course in one of three kits: Basic, Complete, and Elite. Check what's included in each kit to ensure you're only paying for what your 11th grader needs rather than getting a bloated package that doesn't align with their plans and goals.

7. Master Books 11th Grade - Basic 4 Subject Set

What sets Master Books Basic 4 Subject Set from other 11th grade programs on our list is its focus on writing skills.

College essays are always tricky for high school students to wrap their heads around as there are plenty of considerations related to the format, word count, and paragraph organization. Perfecting college essays is the first step to ensure that your 11th grader is ready to tackle whatever college life throws their way, and Master Books seems to agree.

Furthermore, the curriculum also has a fresh take on maths. For instance, algebra II leans towards exploring nature and real-life applications instead of bombarding your 11th grader with sophisticated formulas that are hard to relate to.

This theme continues with economics and civics, as the lessons are designed to be relatable in a way that speaks to a high school level understanding.

8. SONLIGHT 11th Grade Curriculum

SONLIGHT plays on the homeschool curriculum's strongest asset, which is flexibility. The 11th-grade homeschool curriculum comes with daily lesson plans and notes to ensure you schedule your 11th grader's lessons in the best way possible for the resources to sink in their mind.

Science and math courses are a cornerstone for SONLIGHT's homeschool curriculum, but it doesn't just stop right there. The program tackles American history, the Bible, geography, and literature. Language arts are also a big part of the course, focusing on developing your 11th grader's reading, spelling, and grammar skills.

It's also worth mentioning that the homeschool curriculum comes with a comprehensive instructor's guide that helps families plan out their child's entire academic year. In addition, you get a roadmap covering all your teen's high school requirements that you can customize to your liking.

9. BJU Press Grade 11th With Books

Moving forward, we've got another take on online 11th-grade homeschool curriculum programs, and this time it's from BJU Press. The course comes with a hard copy of the student worktexts in addition to eTextbooks, so your 11th grader can choose their preferred way of studying.

The entire curriculum is presented as a set of online videos covering United States history, English language, algebra II, and chemistry.

BJU Press understands that not all families have the same academic needs. That's why plenty of customization options are available for you as a parent or a teacher to hand-pick the subjects your teenagers study.

Finally, BJU Press grade 11th with books ensures your son or daughter’s understanding is continuously assessed through a series of assignments. Your family will also have access to the tools designed to track your 11th grader's progress and give you projections to ensure the learning process is on the right track.

10. ACE Core Curriculum (4 Subjects) Grade 11 Kit

We'll wrap up our list with one final 11th-grade homeschool curriculum that takes a different approach from what we've featured so far. The ACE Core curriculum marries math, science, and other subjects with biblical principles. If your family has a strong religious background, this homeschool curriculum can be precisely what you're looking for.

You can take homeschooling to the next level by giving your child "Self Tests" every now and then to prepare them for the "Final Test" by the end of the semester.

ACE’s Core curriculum comes with all such exercises and tests from day one, so you can work with your 11th grader on the roadmap for the semester and sprinkle the tests in-between the lessons to ensure weaknesses are always taken care of.

The Core kit offers English, social studies, high school math, and science. Before you proceed with the checkout, you can upgrade to the next tier that adds American history and chemistry to the mix.

What Is Taught in 11th Grade?

Language Arts

Students must focus on proper language usage at this age as they'll be writing tons of essays moving forward. Correct sentence composition and proper grammar and vocabulary usage are a must for students seeking to join selective colleges.

Furthermore, some curriculums include an optional foreign language to give your 11th grader a competitive edge when applying for colleges.


11th-grade courses can't skimp on science. Students get to learn the basics of biology, chemistry, and physics, preparing STEM students to pursue science as a career path. Curriculums that favor debate and offer real-life applications are always better at cementing the scientific methods in your children's minds.


High school math picks up from where students are at by the end of their junior year. For example, 11th graders learn algebra, geometry, in addition to advanced math electives that tackle trigonometry, statistics graphs, and pre-calculus.

Social Studies

Teenagers born into modern society can easily take everything for granted. You can’t blame them as this is the world as they know. Social studies broaden their minds and help them explore how far our society has come over decades of hard work and perseverance.

11th graders will learn about American history in addition to an overview of the world’s history. But, that’s not all, as the curriculum highlights the American constitution and how it impacts our daily lives as individuals and as a nation.


High school students are encouraged to take different electives each year, and geography is one of the popular choices. The course stands out easily among the wide range of subjects available, and for a good reason.

Geography isn’t just about staring at a map! 11th graders will learn essential concepts like global interdependence and know that all nations thrive upon working together. Studying geography can also help them understand human’s impact on the planet and how it might contribute to natural disasters.

Final Words

11th-grade is a massive milestone in your youngster’s education journey. It’s the year when preparing for college is underway! Developing a particular skill set can help your 11th grader have a competitive edge when applying for selective colleges, and here comes the role of Positive Action 11th-Grade curriculum.

Whether your 11th grader goes to a regular school or has chosen to homeschool instead, Positive Action proves to be as effective. The curriculum leans towards interactive activities that foster your child’s critical thinking and resourcefulness.

Now that you know exactly what to look for when choosing the best 11th-grade curriculum for your children, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision and choose what works specifically for their needs.